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NBUNew Bulgarian University (Sofia, Bulgaria)
NBUNetbackup (Symantec software)
NBUNational Bank of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)
NBUNational Bank of Uzbekistan
NBUNon-Bargaining Unit (employees)
NBUNorth Bengal University (India)
NBUNew Better than Used
NBUNational Biodiversity Unit (Egypt)
NBUNational Business Unit
NBUNo Banana Union
NBUNever Been Used
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running an older version of Veritas NetBackup on aging hardware.
More and more enterprises are adding cloud storage to their backup storage strategy; the combination of Cloudian HyperStore with NetBackup 7.
Integrated deduplication is available today in NetBackup and Enterprise Vault, offering deduplicated archiving, deduplicated backup storage and global deduplicated remote office backup.
Fujitsu today announced the validated integration of the Fujitsu ETERNUS CS800 deduplication data protection appliance with Symantec NetBackup, via the Symantec OpenStorage (OST) Application Programming Interface (API).
NEC HYDRAstor's architecture complements Symantec NetBackup and OpenStorage and enhances it by combining the two technologies into a long-term infrastructure for secondary storage.
Going forward, Symantec says it will offer better compression of virtual machine (VM) images in NetBackup PureDisk 6.
Customers can choose to license NetBackup software on a capacity-based model, based upon the total amount of data being protected, or continue to use the traditional per-server model, the company claims.
Drive sharing between servers within each pool is managed by NetBackup.
VERITAS NetBackup will unquestionably allow users to efficiently and cost-effectively back up these large, mission-critical data warehouses, giving Teradata users the assurance that their information is secure.
VERITAS NetBackup currently supports Red Hat Linux.
Integrating advanced functionality into the HYDRAstor platform via Symantec OpenStorage (OST) API framework extends the capabilities and automation for Symantec NetBackup.
Here, he led the product management team for NetBackup and helped set the disk backup strategy and initial disk option pricing for the organization.