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NETCOMNetwork Enterprise Technology Command (US Army)
NetComNetwork Command (information systems)
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2008 promises to be a very important year in the history of GN Netcom," said Toon Bouten, President and CEO of GN Store Nord A/S.
NETCOM will implement Quest Reporter and Quest ActiveRoles for operations management of more than 10 Army Active Directory forests.
Netcom makes systems that test computer and telecommunications networks.
Zhang Chunjiang, Chairman of China Netcom, concluded, "China Netcom has extensive network resources and higher profitability in the northern service region.
In its first year of operation, since the consortium took over key assets of the former Asia Global Crossing, Asia Netcom has grown from a virtually unknown entity to one of Asia Pacific's leading providers of IP-based network solutions.
He said Netcom was guided in its search only by real estate considerations and didn't look to the city of Los Angeles for help or a tax break to stay, relying instead on real estate agents to find a site for the new headquarters.
The sale of the assets is critical to the development of China Netcom Group's international strategy, and demonstrates the ability of state-owned assets to create and retain value.
The two companies recently completed the interconnection of Asia Netcom's regional fiber network with the national fiber backbone of China Netcom, as well as an agreement with China Netcom to bring Asia Netcom's portfolio of IP- based products and services to the Chinese market.
Netcom makes a system called SmartBits that tests the speed at which the routers, switches and processors that make up a computer network swap information.
Asia Netcom, headquartered in Hong Kong, provides submarine cable capacity, international data and voice services to multinational corporation and telecom carrier customers mainly in the Pan Asia-Pacific region.
With Tony guiding our domestic call center operations at GN Netcom, Inc, we are assured of continuing the build-up of our business and our leadership position well into the future.
Though neither party will discuss details of the settlement, Netcom has announced it will investigate all future complaints over copyright issues.