NetDDENetwork Dynamic Data Exchange (Microsoft Windows)
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MS04-031: NetDDE allows applications to communicate across networks and contains a buffer overflow that allows remote attackers to execute commands.
Commentary on the Microsoft Windows NetDDE and NNTP Vulnerability
Gensym has also announced a new software bridge to Wonderware's InTouch and NetDDE.
The enhancements include the addition of Wonderware's fastDDE(TM) protocol to all NetDDE SDKs.
NetDDE also now supports the popular TCP/IP protocol used in network data transmission, including NetDDE for Windows support for FTP and Net Manage variants of Microsoft Corp.
The single, overriding purpose of the NetDDE family of products is to provide customers with an easy-to-use but powerful set of tools with which to link disparate computing environments for implementing enterprise-wide connectivity," explained Michael R.
An important aspect of Wonderware's connectivity solutions is that customers can leverage their investment in UNIX and VAX legacy systems by linking them with NetDDE and InTouch," he said.
To make these powerful capabilities more affordable, Wonderware has reduced list prices for many of its NetDDE products.
Pricing for the NetDDE software modules used at each network node start at $150 per node, a reduction from $249 per node.
Metquip will now handle all sales of the Wonderware InTouch (tm) man-machine interface (MMI) software, InSupport (tm) equipment diagnosis and repair software, and NetDDE (tm) network connectivity software in that country.
The new agreement provides EDS with discount pricing for InTouch as well as for Wonderware's NetDDE (tm) network connectivity software and its quarterly Comprehensive Support CD-ROM, which contains software updates, enhancements and support materials for use by EDS end user clients.