NetPOPNetwork Point of Presence (TelCo)
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com and Netpop Research will be releasing their next set of poll results in early March to reveal an updated "pulse of the job market.
job market," says Josh Crandall, CEO and Co-Founder of Netpop.
Netpop offers full-service market research services and innovative Quidget([R]) campaigns.
The Netpop China study is the first of several studies, to be conducted over the next five years, comparing online consumer behavior in the U.
Netpop / Nations: Demographic Comparison of China and U.
are also available through a monthly subscription to Netpop.
com), a market research firm that focuses on the online consumer, developed Netpop | Portraits, the first syndicated segmentation analysis of U.
Netpop | Portraits' segments reflect real users -- what they like to do online, why they do it and how they do it.
Netpop | Portraits is available through prepared reports and custom consulting engagements to address specific client needs.
If any of the NetPOPs in Atlanta, New Jersey, or Los Angeles have technical difficulties, traffic will automatically roll over to the next available NetPOP, a unique feature of Rapid Link's SmartRouting(TM) process, thus creating a seamless quality environment far above that of Rapid Link's competitors.
As Rapid Link further expands its services throughout the world, these NetPOPs will provide an additional level of quality and more routing capacity for traffic," stated David Wise, senior vice president of IP Carrier Sales and Business Development.
With Rapid Link's IP network as one of the most secure and reliable in the industry, the new NetPOP will enhance operational functionality and efficiency by bringing unlimited access to Eastern Europe," states David Wise, senior vice president of IP carrier sales and business development at Rapid Link.