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NETCONFNetwork Configuration Working Group (IETF)
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Polatis is the first optical circuit switch vendor to release a NETCONF interface and associated YANG models required for integration with transport SDN and network functions virtualisation (NFV) management platforms.
SDN with NetConf is an evolution of what PacketFront has been doing for over a decade.
Combined with CPlane's capabilities to communicate with devices using their native CLI and protocols such as NETCONF, this is impressive.
Users of Tail-f Systems' technology radically reduce their time-to-market and benefit from carrier-grade implementations of NETCONF, CLI, Web, and SNMP interfaces.
Telco Systems has released ViNOX, the first Carrier SDN network operating system that includes native support for OpenFlow and NETCONF standards in parallel with MEF services and carrier-grade support.
NCS auto-renders management interfaces and APIs including NETCONF, CLI, Web UI, and Java APIs from a single data model
In the southbound, Drake adds YANG ACL for NETCONF from Happiest Minds and PCEP and OVSDB plug-ins from Huawei.
For service providers who are embarking on Software-Defined Networking capabilities, T-Marc 3308 is ready to bring OpenFlow and NETCONF to intelligent, SDN-enabled networks.
Tail-f Systems, now part of Cisco, provides multi-vendor service orchestration and network automation solutions based on NETCONF and YANG.
The analysis shows that a data model approach, such as achieved with the standardized NetConf protocol, gives complete control of all features in the network devices to the SDN controller.
Together, the two companies will provide the first family of advanced communications software configured by a single carrier-grade management system with support for CLI, Web, SNMP, and NETCONF management interfaces.
At the southbound, NETCONF and PCEP interfaces are now available, and the TL1 interface will be used by two vendors for a few solution POCs although TL1 is not yet available from ONOS for open source distribution.