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As we move to an IP infrastructure, NetWare/IP ensures we get the network services our business relies on, while providing the speed and manageability I need to run our network.
1 and NetWare/IP offer a complete TCP/IP connectivity solution for customers who want to integrate NetWare into an existing IP infrastructure, migrate an existing NetWare installation to IP, or establish a mixed IP and IPX environment.
Major features include: full support for NetWare SFT III(TM) mirrored server technology, providing virtually 100 percent server reliability at dramatically reduced cost (see pricing section); protocol independence through NetWare/IP (supporting NetWare services over both TCP/IP and/or IPX on the same network) and NetWare Link Services Protocol(TM) (NLSP), a link state routing protocol for IPX which substantially improves routability of IPX over wide area networks by signature-reducing overhead traffic; integrated support of NetWare for OS/2(R), allowing NetWare and OS/2 server applications to run on the same server hardware; and enhanced client support, including new VLMs for MS Windows, full connection support for NetWare for Macintosh clients, and full utilization of NDS by all clients.
Implement NetWare environments using an organization's network protocols (IPX/SPX, NetWare/IP, TCP/IP, TLI and Winsock), hardware and applications of choice;
PROVO, Utah, May 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing its commitment to provide protocol independence for its customers, Novell today announced the release of NetWare/IP 2.