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NENebraska (US postal abbreviation)
NENew England
NENew Edition
NENational Education
NENo Evidence (school grading system)
NENiger (ISO country code, top level domain)
NENot Equal
NENeuss (German city)
NENuclear Energy
NENeuchâtel (canton postcode, Switzerland)
NENet Energy (animal science)
NENewcastle Upon Tyne (postcode, United Kingdom)
NENeuquen (Argentina province, airline code)
NENeuenburg (Neuchâtel; Swiss Canton)
NENot Evaluated (IUCN Red List of Threatened Species category)
NENot Examined
NEnot enrolled
NENational Enquirer
NENatural England (UK)
NENo Escape (Gaming clan)
NENew Entrant
NENeutrophil Elastase
NENight Elf (Warcraft III)
NENuclear Extract
NENetwork Element
NENight Elf (gaming)
NENitzer Ebb (band)
NENoise Equivalent
NENippon Express (various locations)
NENuclear Engineer
NENueva Ecija (Philippines)
NENash Equilibrium (game theory)
NENicomachean Ethics (Aristotle)
NENuclear Envelope (cell anatomy)
NENode Element
NENitro Express
NENikkei Electronics (magazine; Japan)
NENutrition Educator
NENaval Engineer
NENeutral Evil (gaming)
NENocturnal Emission
NENavy Enlisted
NENecrotic Enteritis (enterotoxemic disease of poultry)
NENetwork Essentials
NENaked Empire (Terry Goodkind book)
NEOperation Noble Eagle
NENot Estimable
NENach Elfmeterschießen (German soccer)
NENavy Enterprise
NENavio Escola (School Ship, Portuguese Navy)
NENavy Evaluation
NENew Technical Environment
NEOccupation Special Delivery (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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En 1973, a pesar del desembarco del aparato peronista (16)--como denomina la prensa de la epoca a la alianza electoral del peronismo neuquino-, del apoyo explicito brindado por Peron a la formula Romero-Such (FreJuLi) como los autenticos peronistas de la provincia, el MPN--luego del ballotage--triunfa en Neuquen por el 60% de votos (Favaro-Iuorno, 1999: 513-516).
The study took place in the complex of bath therapy of Copahue during the 2010-2011 thermal season and it was authorized by the bioethics commission of the secretary of health of Neuquen, resolution No 660.
SeeNews) - Nov 12, 2012 - Argentine oil firm Gas y Petroleo del Neuquen (G&P), owned by the Neuquen province, filed documents on Friday to list shares on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and seek capital for projects in the province, Neuquen's government said.
ON THE table is Bruce Chatwin's 'In Patagonia' , and here I am in Patagonia, but Neuquen is nothing like the place of my imagination, it is a perfectly formed grid city in the centre of a vast barren desert where the pink dust forms incredible sunsets and it rains but a week a year.
The jail is in the oil-rich Neuquen province in south-west Argentina.
For example worlds biggest vegetarian dinosaurs fissile has been found in 1989 in Neuquen State of Argentina and been named as 'Argentinosaurus Huinculensis'.
ana in Neuquen, the largest city in the Argentine Patagonia.
Nothofagus forests (District of the Caducifolius Forest) (Cabrera, 1976) occur from Neuquen all through Tierra del Fuego (Sub-Antarctic Dominion), and have several species of economic interest.
The Spaniard completed the 488-kilometre stage between Ingeniero Jacobacci and Neuquen in three hours 42 minutes and 57 seconds, six seconds better than Qatari racer Nasser Al-Attiyah, who is 3min 46sec behind Sainz in the overall standings.
Esto se debe a que inicialmente, la primera garra rescatada de la Sierra del Portezuelo, Neuquen, se asemejaba a las del dedo segundo del pie un grupo de dinosaurios carnivoros llamados dromaeosauridos que se caracterizan por tener esta garra curvada y retractil.
Evolution of an Andean margin; a tectonic and magmatic view from the Andes to the Neuquen Basin (35 degrees-39 degrees S lat).