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Neurobiofeedback analysis measures the frequency of brain waves from very low to high frequencies to tune the mind-body connection into the zone of calm focus.
EEG neurobiofeedback can teach children with ADHD how to focus their attention, according to recent studies.
The study involved 42 children with ADHD, randomly assigned to an active neurobiofeedback group or to a sham-treatment group.
Neurobiofeedback, also known as EEG-biofeedback (electroencephalogram), has been utilized to improve attention deficit disorder.
Prager uses EEG-guided neurobiofeedback to try to deactivate the pain cycle and some psychotropic medications, including low-dose antipsychotics, to try to help patients reregulate neural impulses.
employ emerging approaches that are congruent with the orthodox paradigm, including neurobiofeedback or serologic studies of immunologic or endocrinologic factors that may correspond to certain kinds of psychiatric symptoms or be markers of predispositions to symptoms or disorders;
an expert in the field of neurobiofeedback which he recognized as a therapeutic intervention for autism.