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NRUNauru (ISO Country code)
NRUNational Research Universal (a 200 MWt reactor at AECL's Chalk River Laboratories)
NRUNero Udf
NRUNot Recently Used
NRUNeighbourhood Renewal Unit (UK)
NRUNeutral Red Uptake
NRUNederlandse Radio Unie
NRUNortheast Rugby Union
NRUNatural Rate of Unemployment (economics)
NRUNeurobiology Research Unit
NRUNordic ReUnion (gaming group)
NRUNitrogen Rejection Unit
NRUNutritional Rehabilitation Unit
NRUNutrition Rehabilitation Unit
NRUNewly Registered User (online forums)
NRUNorthwest Requirements Utilities
NRUNouveau Riche University (real estate)
NRUNegative Reinforcement University
NRUNiagara Rugby Union
NRUNursing Research Unit
NRUNatural Resources Union (Canada)
NRUNovae Res Urbis
NRUNuclear Radiation Unit
NRUNeuro-Rehabilitation Unit
NRUNetwork Repeater Unit
NRUNet Results Unlimited (Columbus, Ohio)
NRUNutrient Response Units (land management)
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Cytotoxic effects were tested by neutral red uptake method.
5C, cells induced by LPS resulted in abnormal increase in neutral red uptake as compared to normal (p < 0.
Both the neutral red uptake and comet assays prove the cytotoxic and genotoxic effect of lead and arsenic on rMSCs but arsenic proved to be more cytotoxic and genotoxic compared to lead.
Examples of recent in vitro method validations by ECVAM in the area of topical toxicity are 3T3 neutral red uptake phototoxicity test, EpiSkin skin corrosivity test, rat transcutaneous electrical resistance skin corrosivity test, and EpiDerm skin corrosivity test.
The three alternative methods approved by the SCCNFP are the Rat Skin Transcutaneous Electrical Resistance Test, the EPISKIN Test and the 3T3 Neutral Red Uptake Phototoxicity Test.
Cells were exposed to different concentrations of arsenic and lead for 24 and 48 h and anti-proliferative effects were tested using neutral red uptake assay.