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NGNext Generation
NGNatural Gas
NGNational Guard (US)
NGNational Geographic
NGNo Good
NGNottingham (UK postal code)
NGNational Grid (formerly Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation)
NGNot Guilty
NGNew Game
NGNational Gallery
NGN-Gage (gaming)
NGNarrow Gauge (railroad track)
NGNeo-Geo (SNK handheld game)
NGNext Game (gaming)
NGNo Grade
NGNo Gum (philatelic term)
NGNoise Gate
NGNew Glarus (brewery)
NGNuclear Grade
NGNeutral Good (gaming)
NGNugaal (postal region, Somalia)
NGNatural Ground (survey)
NGNittle Grasper (band from Gravitation anime)
NGNetwork Grid
NGNaval Group
NGNo Generics (prescriptions)
NGNose Grab (snowboarding)
NGEngine Gas Generator Speed
NGNorth Gang
NGNetworth Gain
NGNoble Gas
NGNice Guy
NGNews Group
NGNigeria (Internet TLD)
NGNot Going
NGNorthrop Grumman
NGNinja Gaiden (video game)
NGNot Good
NGNatalie Gulbis (LPGA player)
NGNose Guard (football)
NGNailgun (gaming)
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Flash Mindmeld is sponsored by: Adobe, Mochi Media, Newgrounds, Flash Game License, Miniclip, Armor Games, Kongregate, Player.
Social sites with user-created content such as Newgrounds are an important online resource for independent developers like ClickShake, providing opportunities to learn, practice and get feedback on their work.
Nearly every animutation I have seen includes an image of Colin Mochrie somewhere, and there are more than 200 animutations on the Animutation Portal alone, with some of the more famous animutations only available on other sites, especially Newgrounds.
Co-founded by Paul Preece and David Scott, Casual Collective features a series of new indie games, now available on the site, as well as across the Web at Kongregate, Addicting Games, Hall Pass, Newgrounds, and I-Am-Bored.
The research respondents were asked to observe eleven viral videos, which were pre-rated by the site's community members on a scale of 1 to 10, to test the hypothesis that neuroscience informed measures of media engagement could accurately predict the ratings that the NewGrounds online community pre-assigned to the viral content.
Zango's primary partners in the online games space include Newgrounds.
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