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Newsboys usually were literate; some did write letters and even memoirs.
6) By the turn of the twentieth century there were more than five thousand newsboys in big cities like New York, Boston, and Chicago, and two thousand in smaller cities like Detroit, St.
Unlike Skinney, relatively few newsboys were orphans.
16) Newsboys supplemented these lessons with those learned on the job and in the cheap theaters they patronized almost religiously.
The play that made the biggest impact on the spiritual thinking of newsboys in the antebellum era was Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Every major American city had hundreds or even thousands of newsboys in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Between editions, newsboys would loiter in the streets or in the "news alleys" outside the pressrooms.
Since their earnings were unpredictable, newsboys found it easy to keep money for themselves instead of turning it over to their parents.
Newsboys learned to smoke, gamble, swear and drink.
Hogeland had become interested in the plight of newsboys in the early 1870s, apparently while employed as a superintendent of newscarriers for the Louisville Commercial.
For more information on newsboys and to read the TNIV New Testament, visit http://www.
1 hit singles and continual record-breaking attendance at concerts, the four-time GRAMMY nominated newsboys has additionally attracted national mainstream media coverage from Newsweek, ESPN II, USA Today, CNN and CBS Sunday Morning, among others.