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NBNota Bene (Latin: Note Well)
NBNew Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
NBNew Brunswick
NBMathematica Notebook (file extension)
NBNational Bank
NBNew Business (various locations)
NBNotice Board
NBNot Bad
NBNorth Bridge
NBNarrow Band
NBNotified Body (European Commission)
NBNew Building (various organizations)
NBNoord Brabant (Netherlands province)
NBNo Brainer
NBNon-Binding (chemistry)
NBNewsboys (band)
NBNorges Bank (Norway)
NBNo Base
NBNieuw Buinen (town in The Netherlands)
NBNo Ball
NBNude Beaches
NBNeighborhood Business
NBNeutral Buoyancy
NBNitrogen Balance
NBNewbreed (TFC Clan)
NBNotchback (automobile body style)
NBNominal Bore (internal diameter of a pipe/fitting)
NBNice Boys (Guns N' Roses song)
NBNightbreed (The Clan)
NBNo Brown (fish)
NBNon Billable
NBSterling European Airlines (airline code)
NBNew Bombay
NBNorth Bonneville (Washington)
NBNinja Burger (humor website)
NBNegative Burn (Quake 3 Clan)
NBNonabyte (1e+27 bytes)
NBNew Babylonian
NBNoisy Bus
NBNassif Building (Falls Church, Virginia)
NBNuclear Boiler
NBNordicbots (QuakeNet gaming)
NBOccupation Semipostal (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NBNoob Busters (gaming clan)
NBNon-Bound Application (insurance)
NBNaval Base
NBNew Braunfels (New Braunfels, Texas)
NBNorth Brookfield
NBNorth Bergen (New Jersey)
NBNeuberger Berman (asset management firm; est. 1939; various locations)
NBNorth Bend (Washington)
NBNational Bookstore (Philippines)
NBNight Below (fantasy novel)
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Donations will also be accepted at the Old Newsboy Association's Web site, http://www.
Lola Montez, street preaching, daguerreian artists, rivalry from other newsboys who are as desperate as Ready to earn money for their families and a most amazing balloon flight all serve to further understanding for some of the picturesque past of one of the most fascinating cities in our country.
But between the l850s and the 1910s dozens of orphaned or homeless newsboys in Boston, New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Louisville, St.
While the haggling between the florist and the newsboys reads more like fiction than reportage, it demonstrates that the boys regarded themselves--and were regarded by others--as a "fraternity," as members of an organized body that had a right to mourn a fellow trader.
Newsboys were both exemplars and casualties of capitalism, and thus could hardly avoid being sentimentalized in song and story.
We have top contemporary Christian music acts like Newsboys and Jeremy Camp, plus leading worship artists like Chris Tomlin and Delirious, and some of the biggest rock bands with Pillar and Hawk Nelson.
Also on the scene is Abe (Tony Abatemarco), a newsboy peddling William Randolph Hearst's Cuba-baiting headlines, and Blind Ross (Jeris Lee Poindexter) a former compatriot of Blind Gary's.
On the well-lit sidewalks, one could see ladies and gentlemen in evening dress emerging from restaurants and theaters; middle-class and working-class couples out for a stroll; factory hands returning home; shopgirls rushing to an evening's entertainment; German families headed for respectable beer-halls; young "bloods" starting a debauch; peddlers, newsboys, matchgirls, beggars, drunks, pickpockets, and, conspicuously, streetwalkers.
The early Hartford clubs were small, drawing nightly attendance of no more than a few dozen children, many of them newsboys.
The members of Detroit's Old Newsboys Goodfellow Fund - business and professional people who once sold papers - have been trading papers for donations for 86 years.
The stories of Batara and Montanez were told during the recent Inquirer Newsboy Foundation awarding ceremony for scholars.
Since the Inquirer Newsboy Foundation was established in 1993, close to 10,000 scholars have been supported.