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NEXNavy Exchange (Retail Store)
NEXNexium (esomeprazole magnesium)
NEXNon-Exclusive (data sets)
NEXNumber of EXcitations
NEXNew England Extrusion, Inc. (est. 1988; Turner Falls, MA)
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Nexium is one of Astra's flagship products and is available in more than 75 marketsincluding the United States, Canada and major European countries.
There was speculation that the timing of the doses might be important--that because they were taken simultaneously in this study, the Lexiva might be absorbed before the Nexium had time to reduce stomach acidity.
The NEXIUM Savings Card does not require activation or program enrollment.
You may be eligible for a settlement payment if, from March 1, 2001, through February 6, 2013, you: (a) purchased NEXIUM in or from Massachusetts, or (b) reimbursed or paid for NEXIUM dispensed in Massachusetts, or (c) reimbursed or paid for NEXIUM purchased by mail order from Massachusetts.
AstraZeneca") violated a Massachusetts state law by deceptively marketing the drug Nexium as superior to another drug, Prilosec or its generic version, omeprazole.
In May 2010, the FDA mandated manufacturers of PPI's such as Nexium to include safety information and warnings about the increased risk of osteoporosis and fractures associated with PPIs.
This study shows that NEXIUM can be an effective treatment option for people with GERD whose sleep is disrupted by heartburn.
Company Also Submits sNDA for NEXIUM Capsules for Risk Reduction of Low-Dose Aspirin-Associated Peptic Ulcer -
NEW YORK -- Suit is on Behalf of Third-Party Payors Alleging Deception over Nexium, the "Purple Pill"; Nexium is Marketed to Treat Gastroesphogeal Reflux Disease