NGCSUNorth Georgia College & State University
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They need only access the page through its link on my personal or the English Department's webpages, pages linked to the NGCSU server.
1] An NGCSU Faculty and Staff Leadership grant gave me funds to pay student web designer Brittany Patterson to develop with me the web community's navigation tools, banner, buttons, logo, font, color scheme, and content.
According to the NGCSU Commandant of Cadets, Colonel Tom Palmer, military science training has shifted to situational training exercises (STX) to offer students varying conditions that can alter drastically.
We initiated a long-term study to investigate: (1) home range size, (2) habitat use, and (3) impacts of road development on the movements of squirrels in a hardwood forest on the NGCSU campus.
For the past 3 years, ecology students at NGCSU have been required to conduct group research projects (~6 week duration) as part of their laboratory experience.
In 1999, a 63-acre tract of undeveloped University land was made available to the Biology Department at NGCSU for student projects and various other field activities near campus.