Ni-MHNickel-Metal Hydride (battery technology)
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Ni-MH is particularly well suited to autonomous solar applications in the Middle East (Solar Street Lights, Road and Urban Signage, etc), which are very demanding, it said.
Ni-MH segment is expected to experience highest growth rate followed by lead acid and lithium-ion segments.
Panasonic is strengthening the development and business of lithium-ion and Ni-MH batteries for eco cars, and already has a successful record of supplying batteries for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and HEVs for multiple automobile manufacturers around the world.
They offer greater power and more runtime than Ni-MH without making a tradeoff in weight.
There's been tremendous growth in digital devices that need high-performance batteries," remarks John Daggett, director of marketing services at Rayovac, which introduced a new Ni-MH battery charging system late last year.
The DC240i ships with an 8 MB Kodak picture card, serial and USB cables for (Macintosh and PC), audio/video cables, Ni-MH batteries and charger.
Dan McGowan, director of marketing for personal electronics, said the offer includes $2 mail-in rebates with a two-pack purchase of AA size Ni-MH batteries, and $5 rebates on combination packages of two Ni-MH AA batteries and a 10-hour charger.
Major manufacturers such as Duracell of Bethel, CT, and Gates Energy Products of Gainesville, FL, announced introduction of new Ni-MH rechargeable packs and indicated expected performance gains in coming years.
Contract awarded for 1) 6024ns-transreceiver vhf hand held walkie-talkie set (turned on rated power of 5w) synthesizd with 2200 mah ni-mh battery pack configration vh-3 band 136-137 mhz full band aiong with one spare.
France-based ARTS Energy, a global player in design, industrialisation and manufacturing of storage systems of electrical energy, will participate for the first time at the upcoming Gitex, and will introduce its innovative Ni-MH battery solution for telecom and back up.