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NiFeNickel Iron
NIFENorthern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts (car club; est. 1991)
NIFENo Incinerators for Europe (anti-waste incineration group)
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I usually advise clients to avoid NiFe and go for industrial lead-acid batteries instead, but I can't deny that the idea of a battery that can last decades is very attractive.
2001), A Study on the Electrodeposition of NiFe Alloy Thin Films Using Chronocoulometry and Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microgravimetry, Bull.
When Nife was acquired by Saft Power Systems, the more recent part of its history began, as some years later, Saft Power Systems and AEG Power Supply Systems merged forming what is today known as, AEG Power Solutions.
Mezzo Systems was successful in fabricating NiFe cylinders with diameters that were measured to be as small as 6 microns with heights in excess of 85 microns and write loops with similar aspect ratios.
Tenders are invited for Cast Iron Electrode Size : 04 Mm Classification , Aws: E Nife Is Eni Feg16, Make- Victor, Apox,Usha
Utilizing plasma etch techniques, in contrast to traditional plating and ion milling operations, the Tegal 6550 is targeted for a wide spectrum of next-generation GMR materials including NiFe (nickel iron), FeN (iron nitride), and Al2O3 (alumina) for top pole fabrication processes with linewidths well below 1.
Saft Nife (Scarborough, Ontario): Saft Nife will highlight 25- and 50-amp rectifier modules.
The following Alcatel companies are exhibiting at Supercomm '96 in Dallas, June 25-27, Booth 7266, Hall A: Alcatel Network Systems, Alcatel Data Networks, Alcatel CIT, Alcatel Optronics, Alcatel Telecommunications Cable, and SAFT NIFE.
2 V, Ni-Cd Battery Cell, Capacity 156 Ah, Make-Hbl Nife
The Industrial Battery Division manufactures aviation batteries under the Saft name, and electric vehicle batteries, industrial and railroad batteries and power electronics under the Saft Nife name.
2 V, Ni-Cd, Battery Cell, Capacity:- 164 Ah, Make:- Hbl Nife.