NiZnNickel Zinc (battery)
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The expertise and industry knowledge of the advisory board will enable PowerGenix to capitalize on its patented NiZn technology at a particularly advantageous period in our key markets," said Dan Squiller, CEO of PowerGenix.
The NiZn ferrite particles are spherical in shape and thus their orientation in different flow geometries is not a factor.
1) immersed in aerated 4 wt-% NaCl Wires White rust Red rust (min) (min) Zn 20 1,815 ZnCo 45 4,320 NiZn 1,380 1,815 NiZn/ZnCo 60 3,630 CuZn - 20 Steel wire - 90 Cords Zn 10 240 ZnCo 20 1,152 NiZn - 5 NiZn/ZnCo 1,140 1,720 CuZn - 20
We first began investigating PowerGenix's NiZn technology in early 2011 as a higher performing and more environmentally friendly alternative to lead-based batteries for transportation, reserve power and other applications.
After extensive testing and validation of NiZn batteries, EnerSys (NYSE:ENS) has selected PowerGenix technology for inclusion into its product line and global sales channels.
They are well suited to transition PowerGenix's rechargeable NiZn batteries from prototype production in San Diego into high volume production for worldwide distribution.
PowerGenix's NiZn batteries offer several clear advantages over the lead-acid batteries found in current micro-hybrids.
This agreement will include the completion of EVI's automated pilot line and will enable the manufacturing of AA NiZn cells.
This benchmark takes NiZn a step closer to commercialization in HEV applications by proving the batteries' safety in extreme situations.
Starting in April, PowerGenix NiZn battery packs will be deployed in traffic installations in metropolitan areas in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
With his addition, PowerGenix strengthens its ability to expand its current consumer rechargeable and power tool products and commercialize NiZn batteries for the rapidly expanding hybrid electric vehicle industry and other emerging markets.
Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) has purchased NiZn batteries for test as a possible replacement for the lead-acid "6T" batteries currently in use.