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In January 2017, after Nicaragua refused to make the payment of the material damages requested by Costa Rica, our country asked the Court to definitively fix the amount of economic compensation that Nicaragua must pay as a result of the material damages product of the invasion of Costa Rican territory by the Nicaraguan army, which was registered at the end of 2010.
Two decades ago, Nicaragua received fewer than 300,000 outside visitors per year, according to INTUR.
Nicaragua remains the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with roughly 40% of the population living in poverty.
Ficohsa informed that the group's plans in Nicaragua include the expansion of its network, which will entail expanding its workforce.
In May, the group completed the integration of Citi's consumer banking unit in Honduras, an experience that Ficohsa is using to ensure a smooth transition for clients and employees in Nicaragua.
Citi's Nicaragua operation comprises of USD279m in assets, USD166m in loans, USD225m in deposits, and USD45m in equity as of March 31, 2015.
Nicaragua and China do not have formal diplomatic relations because of Managua s formal ties with Taiwan.
In April 2011, Nicaragua enacted an administrative regulation restricting production, importation and distribution of the chemical phenyl acetic acid (PAA), a methamphetamine precursor, in its raw form or any products derived from the chemical, and banned all uses of PAA--commercial and domestic.
Nicaragua remains one of the poorest countries in the region and among
Pan euthum i Nicaragua gyntaf ym 1994, breuddwyd oedd hunan lywodraeth i''r Cymry, a megis cychwyn oedd y broses awtonomi i bobl Arfordir y Caribi yn Nicaragua.
Nicaragua exceeded its projections of textile and apparel exports during the first quarter of 2011, reaching US$272.
The San Juan River marks the eastern third of the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica; the river itself belongs to Nicaragua, and Costa Rica's territory begins at its southern bank.