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NIPDAUNickel-Palladium-Gold (based on the element abbreviations; plating for leads in RoHS compliant electronic components)
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Demand for its products using nickel-palladium-gold frame technology is expected to increase as customers continue to qualify its lead-free components.
Cypress's migration to backwards-compatible lead-free packaging using nickel-palladium-gold frame technology enables customers to efficiently transition to lead-free platforms without compromising performance, quality, or delivery," said Bob Blazer, vice president of assembly and test operations at Cypress.
Earlier this year, Cypress announced that it will offer lead-free packages using nickel-palladium-gold leadframe packaging for all new integrated circuit (IC) products by the end of the third quarter 2004, and that it plans to meet the balance of customer "green" requirements in 2005.
This initiative will be a major milestone in the company's efforts to make its product packaging more environmentally friendly by using nickel-palladium-gold frame technology -- an innovative technology that has been accepted by the market -- to shift lead-based products to lead-free.
Our nickel-palladium-gold technology does all three.