NifTALNitrogen Fixation by Tropical Agricultural Legumes
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ENRRI 9 is a local isolate, USDA 2478 and USDA 2435 were imported from United States Department of Agriculture, Maryland and TAL 1399 was imported from NifTAL project, University of Hawaii, USA.
Plants were either inoculated with the introduced Rhizobium strain (TAL 1399) which was obtained from NifTAL project, University of Hawaii USA or with Bacillus megatherium var phosphaticum strain (BMP) which was locally isolated, in addition to combination of each (TAL 1399 + BMP).
ENRRI 9 was a local isolate from faba bean plants, whereas, strain TAL 1339 was supplied by NifTAL Project, Paia, HI, USA.