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NHXNa+/H+ Antiporter (biochemistry)
NHXNighthawks (gaming)
NHXNew Horizon Express (trade service)
NHXNew Hampshire Extended (programming)
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Said NightHawk designer, Skylar Gray: "We reevaluated and reimagined every aspect of headphone design to create a product that might serve to advance the state of headphone art-one that we hope inspires music lovers, headphone enthusiasts, thinkers, engineers, and creators of all kinds.
An alternative hypothesis is that nighthawks and potoos are mobbed because they resemble Chuck-will's-widows, which occasionally prey on birds (Thayer 1899, Owre 1967).
The Nighthawks are currently battling it out in the Division Two Central division as part of a 10-game season which runs from April through to August, culminating in the play-offs which occur in September.
NightHawk uses a 50mm pistonic driver with a biocellulose diaphragm designed to take advantage of the material's outstanding rigidity and mechanical integrity at high frequencies.
We have always thought of NightHawk Radiology Services as being the leader in the teleradiology field and we are excited about joining their outstanding team," said Dr.
Nighthawk is a leading provider of intelligent devices and systems that allow for the centralized, on-demand management of assets and processes.
Nighthawk previously noted the following expected impact from the acquisition:
Nighthawk receives existing purchase orders that, when completed, will produce revenues in excess of $400,000.
They join a long list of electric utilities that continue to enhance their capabilities and serve their customers more efficiently using Nighthawk devices.
Nighthawk also announced that it has received an initial order for its CEO700 whole house disconnect units from United Power of Brighton, Colorado.
Myron Anduri, President of Nighthawk Systems, commented, "4-County joins the City of New Bern, North Carolina and Roseville, California as recent buyers of the CEO-700.
Nighthawk solutions like the NH100 enable customers to wirelessly and conveniently extend their reach, allowing them to turn on, off or reboot remotely located equipment at any time in seconds, from virtually anywhere.