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Our nine-dimensional spin mathematics can be regarded as very simple," Close explains.
We could predict that the two metaphoric findings of the "jewel" and the "diamond" ultimately may work synergistically with each other: Close and Neppe's nine-dimensional spinning reality might be a specific applicable derivation of the mathematical applications of Arkani-Hamed and collaborators.
Just as Einsteinian relativity required a 'thought experiment' for many to understand, we've applied the same here by replicating our original TDVP Cabibbo angle findings of a finite nine-dimensional spinning model.
An independent consciousness simply does not fit into a physicalistic four-dimensional paradigm, but the nine-dimensional spin mathematics work when we apply consciousness in the equations, and we believe that there is solid scientific support based on research.
The Cabibbo angle itself may appear to be a minor, esoteric angle, but our perfect math derivation of it proves the existence of a nine-dimensional finite spin reality," Neppe contends.