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NIONNot in Our Name (anti-war group)
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Francois Nion said the company works throughout the city seeking areas where companies will want to advertise.
Gerard Coyne is Midlands secretary of the Transport & General Workers' U nion.
NION (Ash) February 18 to March 17 - You are sensitive and compassionate, and a very good judge of character, except in your personal emotional life.
NION, which is backed by Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Martin Luther King III, and death row activist Mumia Abu-Jamal, has organized major efforts in New York and San Francisco.
Anti-Chinese feelings remained strong among some labor u nion members because of the economic competition, economic downturn, and continued racist beliefs and ideology.
Claiming that her stroke had been caused by a diet pill she had been taking, "Trim Easy," manufactured by Nion Laboratories and distributed by Team Up International, Coma sued both companies.
That new connection to international markets in cotton set U nion County on the road to a profound and thoroughgoing transformation.
Rather than viewing democratic politics as something to be side-stepped if we are to have better-performing schools (see Politics, Markets, and America's Schools), in this book Moe calls for reformers to think more deeply and more democratically about the linkages between elite ideas and public opi nion.
Considering that range extensions during ENSO events have reported for decades, it was our opi nion that the whole new suite of organisms appearing during this period was of critical importance in aiding our understanding of the macroscale changes that may be occurring.
His book will surely and deservedly be a compa nion to future scholarship on the thematics of pilgrimage.
As we move farther away from the world Hardy knew and depicted, reference books like the Oxford Reader's Compa nion to Hardy are essential for new visitors to that world.