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NLOSNo Line of Sight (satellite TV)
NLOSNon-Line of Sight
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The acquisition strategy of the NLOS project office was very similar to that of many other systems in development during the late 1980s.
The Expedience NLOS system has been commercially deployed in the U.
RADWIN is the Sub- 6GHZ leader with over 300,000 radios deployed in 150 countries around the globe and the source of exceptional NLOS capabilities and technology," said Adi Nativ, RADWIN's Vice President of Global Business Development.
RADWIN delivers a complete portfolio of PtP and PtMP solutions for small cell NLOS backhaul in licensed and unlicensed sub-6 GHz bands.
The Taqua W2600 NLOS Backhaul System is the first in a series of small cell site backhaul products that will utilize the underused, inexpensive licensed TDD spectrum.
The reason why many of the largest operators in the world are choosing RADWIN to fulfill their small cell backhaul requirements is that we have proven solutions based on years of accumulated experience in NLOS backhaul.
The firing of these test rounds from the NLOS Cannon is the next step in proving the NLOS Cannon will have the capability to execute a battlefield mission using precision fire munitions," said Mark Signorelli, vice president of Army Programs at BAE Systems.
Low-cost, High-Capacity Solution provides NLOS Backhaul for HSPA, WiMAX and LTE Networks
We have our best people ensuring effective management of battle-proven Paladin and revolutionary NLOS Cannon programs - systems that are critical to the welfare of troops on the front lines," said Jim Unterseher, vice-president of Army Programs, Armament Systems at BAE Systems.
MINNEAPOLIS -- BAE Systems has driven the Future Combat Systems' (FCS) Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) Cannon more than 10,000 miles through its one-of-kind test center that evaluates the reliability of the NLOS Cannon in an operational environment.
BAE Systems will continue NLOS Cannon firing platform testing with a goal of firing 4,400 rounds through the system by spring 2008 in order to receive a safety certification for the fully automated howitzer.