NMCINavy/Marine Corps Intranet
NMCINational Maritime College of Ireland
NMCINational Marine Consultants, Inc. (Parlin, NJ)
NMCINational Multi-Cultural Institute
NMCINational Methamphetamine Chemicals Initiative
NMCINavy/Marine Corps Installation
NMCINoble Missions for Change Initiative (est. 2010)
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When considering present day NMCI, we don't think of a patchwork system whose greatest value is that it enables you to get your email.
By 2007 when I joined the NMCI program office as its Deputy Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO), the network supported more than 700,000 Sailors, Marines and civilians on nearly 350,000 computers.
The NMCI is somewhat of a double-edged sword, HP security experts said during a tour of the Norfolk operations center.
NMCI has not met its two strategic goals--to provide information superiority and to foster innovation via interoperability and shared services.
In June last year, incoming CEO Jordan lumped the NMCI deal in with about 30 others he said had problems due to "insufficient due diligence, delivery-related issues, contract language issues, and assumptions in field evaluations.
The NMCI is the Navy and Marine Corps [project] to outsource the technical, maintenance, and help desk support for over 350,000 desktops and 200 networks.
In addition to sponsoring conferences, NMCI works with government agencies, corporations, schools, and non-profit organizations to develop in-house diversity training programs.
The Navy will transition from a contractor-owned and operated network to a government-owned and contractor-operated network in going from NMCI to the follow-on Next Generation Enterprise Network.
With the WLAN in place, the BLITS mobile scanners will update the BLITS Web Service in near real-time without having to synchronize the scanners at an NMCI workstation cradle.
Excluding the NMCI impact and other costs, EDS said it made fourth quarter net income of $59m, compared to $194m the previous year.
Using Cisco Info Center, EDS can more easily manage the daily operations of the NMCI and demonstrate to executive oversight committees how the network is performing on an ongoing basis and in real time.
Because NMCI maintains extremely high security for both classified and unclassified environments, certification involves rigorous testing to ensure that software meets strict operating and interoperability guidelines.