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NMHNo More Heroes (video game)
NMHNeutral Milk Hotel (band)
NMHNorges Musikkhøgskole (Norwegian State Academy of Music)
NMHNeurally Mediated Hypotension
NMHNorthfield Mount Hermon School (Northfield, MA, USA)
NMHNickel Metal Hydride
NMHNot Much Here
NMHNothing Much Here
NMHNanticoke Memorial Hospital (Seaford, DE, USA)
NMHNew Mauritius Hotels Ltd.
NMHNod My Head
NMHNormal-Mode Helical Antenna
NMHNuclear Microprobe for Hydrogen
NMHNational Mediation Helpline (dispute resolution; UK)
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The problem arose after Ms Lalor, of Swords, Co Dublin, gave birth following a difficult labour at the NMH on Christmas Eve, 2012.
For example, in researching the hospital budget process, I found that NMH spending plans are not built until the budget has been approved for the next year.
According to NMH policy, all employees with communicable work-related illnesses or exposures are evaluated in the Corporate Health Department (CH).
The EDW combines patient data from the NMH, the Feinberg School of Medicine, and NMFF, and currently stores details on over 2 million patient records.
Lopardo and the other IS professionals at NMH have had to acquire an in-depth knowledge of hospital operations to facilitate installation of telephone systems, and tackle issues such as patient orientation, assistance, support and integration with hospitalwide equipment management and support.
One of the things that sets Oliver apart from most kids is perspective," Christiansen said after making the 90-minute drive from the NMH campus in Gill.
The use of the IBB process began with an in-service to NMH and MNA Local Unit #12 that explained the IBB process.
In NMH, the nervous system mistakenly tells the body to do the opposite of what it should do when one is standing--lowering the blood pressure, instead of raising it, causing the patient to sit or lie down, lest they pass out after exercising.
Northfield Mount Hermon, commonly referred to as NMH, is a co-educational independent boarding school for students in grades 9-12 and postgraduate.
Dr Nikhil Purandare, then specialist registrar in obstetrics at the NMH, successfully delivered the baby and closed up the abdomen.