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On pay, the TUC wants to see: | The LPC go beyond the government's target of 60% of median earnings by 2020 for workers aged 25 and above, and get the NMW rate to PS10 as quickly as possible; | 21-24 year olds be paid the full NMW rate (including the "national living wage" supplement); | The rates for younger workers should narrow the gap between adults and younger workers as quickly as can be sustained; | The apprentice rate should be raised to the level of the young workers rate; | The apprentice rate should only apply to those undertaking intermediate level apprentices who are aged 16-18 and to 19-20-year-olds in the first year of their apprenticeship.
Last week Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke sponsored a private member's bill seeking to ensure that companies taking on long-term interns pay at least the NMW.
To clarify the meningococcal population in Niger during the 2015 epidemic season, we completed genomic analysis on the 102 NmC and NmW invasive isolates collected during this period.
As a result of these cuts and increasing operating costs, NMW has no choice but to make these savings to balance its budget and provide long-term sustainability for the organisation.
HMRC are currently investigating a care provider (which does not pay for any travel) for breach of the NMW.
2m in NMW arrears involving more than 26,000 workers across a range of sectors in 2014/15 alone.
The Liberal Democrat's comments followed the government's pledge to publicly name and shame NMW cheats.
The NMW will now apply to agricultural workers, and rates have been increased.
The first single being worked to radio this year has also garnered the attention as the #20 Hot AC40 song on that New Music Weekly (NMW) along with it being the #5 Hot AC40 on the Indie Chart at NMW, the #27 Top40 song on those Main Charts at NMW, the #24 song on the Hot 100 Chart at NMW, the #10 song on the Top40 Indie Chart at NMW, and is the current Top40 “Most Increased” song on that Chart at NMW
The whole idea behind the 'naming and shaming' of rogue employers was a recognition that the number of employers caught breaching the NMW requirements was the tip of the iceberg and that if bad bosses thought they may be publicly held to account then they may think twice.
They were JJM Global Trading, JM-ARS Trading, Neon Gateway Trading, Custans Enterprises, NMW Enterprises, Ocean Park Enterprises, Melma Enterprises and MMSM Trading.