NMWNational Minimum Wage (UK)
NMWNo Matter What
NMWNurse-Midwife (women's health)
NMWNaval Mine Warfare
NMWNew Media Workshop (forum)
NMWNightmare Wrestling
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Temporary seasonal workers - such as students working as bar staff, shop assistants or warehouse staff - are usually eligible for NMW.
Nearly half of small business owners and managers in theWest Midlands said they didn't know what the exact rate was while a third mistakenly believed the NMW rate was rising by 51p to pounds 6.
The NMW for adult workers - those over 21 - will rise to [pounds sterling]6.
More than a third of small business owners and managers in Wales are not fully aware the NMW for adults aged 22 and over increases on October 1 pounds 5.
The NMW will be satisfied as long as the average pay paid over the pay reference period either equals or exceeds the NMW.
A key objective of the briefing sessions is to ensure that the NMW as a new labour policy intervention instrument is communicated as widely as possible.
The proposed rise in the NMW will not be enough to combat in-work poverty and with high levels of employment and record corporate profits, employers can afford a strong increase in the minimum wage.
However, internships, where someone does carry out work, are not exempt from the NMW.
NmW disease has been reported in the meningitis belt since the 1980s (10,11), and NmW from clonal complex 11 (CC11) has been a major concern in the region since 2001 (12).
NMW is facing a reduced budget and must find a total of PS3.