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NBNota Bene (Latin: Note Well)
NBNew Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
NBNew Brunswick
NBMathematica Notebook (file extension)
NBNational Bank
NBNew Business (various locations)
NBNews Busters
NBNext Best
NBNew Braunfels (New Braunfels, Texas)
NBNotice Board
NBNot Bad
NBNaval Base
NBNorth Bend (Washington)
NBNorth Bridge
NBNarrow Band
NBNotified Body (European Commission)
NBNorth Bergen (New Jersey)
NBNeon Bible (Arcade Fire album)
NBNew Building (various organizations)
NBNoord Brabant (Netherlands province)
NBNutrient Broth (microbiology)
NBNo Brainer
NBNaughty Boy
NBNorth Brookfield
NBNippon Bearing Co., Ltd. (Japan)
NBNeuberger Berman (asset management firm; est. 1939; various locations)
NBNight Below (fantasy novel)
NBNarrow Body (aircraft)
NBNow Boarding
NBNational Bookstore (Philippines)
NBNo Bother
NBNavigation Base
NBNon-Binding (chemistry)
NBNewsboys (band)
NBNitrogen Base
NBNorges Bank (Norway)
NBNo Base
NBNieuw Buinen (town in The Netherlands)
NBNo Ball
NBNude Beaches
NBNeighborhood Business
NBNeutral Buoyancy
NBNitrogen Balance
NBNewbreed (TFC Clan)
NBNotchback (automobile body style)
NBNominal Bore (internal diameter of a pipe/fitting)
NBNice Boys (Guns N' Roses song)
NBNightbreed (The Clan)
NBNo Brown (fish)
NBNon Billable
NBSterling European Airlines (airline code)
NBNew Bombay
NBNorth Bonneville (Washington)
NBNinja Burger (humor website)
NBNegative Burn (Quake 3 Clan)
NBNonabyte (1e+27 bytes)
NBNew Babylonian
NBNoisy Bus
NBNassif Building (Falls Church, Virginia)
NBNuclear Boiler
NBNordicbots (QuakeNet gaming)
NBOccupation Semipostal (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NBNoob Busters (gaming clan)
NBNon-Bound Application (insurance)
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The review recommended TEA better lay out its internal steps for when to offer no-bid contracts to companies or organizations.
Once again, Helector secured a no-bid contract to the tune of 525,000 Cyprus pounds.
But we--and you, readers--are their bosses and the source of the $4 million awarded for a no-bid contract.
No-bid contracts might be legal in Lebanon, but they are neither reflective of international best practice nor of the Lebanon we want to see.
68 billion in 2006, with the cost of no-bid contracts growing from $12 million in 2002 to $56 million in 2006.
The first is a no-bid process: 25 per cent of the contracts went directly to US contractors without even giving Haitians a chance to bid on them, sometimes because the needs were so urgent there wasn't time to go through a formal bidding process.
The article came only months after Citizens came under fire for handing out a no-bid contract to a company hired to do home inspections to verify if policyholders deserve the mitigation discounts they are receiving on their bills.
In the 2010 budget, funding has been cut to no-bid contracts and several defence contracts that have cost far more than anticipated due to protracted delays.
I cheered when Obama ordered an end to Guantanamo, a pull out from Iraq, an end to no-bid cost-plus contracting, and greater transparency in government spending--and I think libertarians should still be cheering right along with me.
Anyone with ties to an organization that has a no-bid government contract greater than $100,000 is prohibited from contributing to candidates or political parties at any level.
Wasteful spending comes from exotic requirements, lack of oversight and indefensible no-bid contracts," he said.
As for the notion of a united, stable and free Iraq - consider the no-bid contracts handed to the major western oil companies for ownership of Iraq's oil.