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Non Nomen (Latin for "no name") is the pseudonym of an English/Cypriot artist and writer.
Or from Vergil's Iulius, a magno demissum nomen Iulo (Aen.
Nomen Nescio 100 (2000), for instance, is a large calabash laid in a simple wooden chair.
In "Sillyhow Stride," whether in citing Donne or letting his own nomen est omen ("doon") echo in such phrases as to "don a black hat .
d) c1330 Arthur & Merlin, Dorsetshire (sSW) [676] 3 NIM (nam 2, nomen 1) 16 TAK (tok/e/n 14, take/n 2)
This was the issue that naming consultancy Nomen tackled as it created the name Muddles for Kellogg's new cereal launched this month.
An expansion of the six current nomen species of Brucella has been proposed to include one (B.
Hayley Myers, Mintel; Paul Norman, Nomen and Thierry Maillet, Marketing Intelligence, as well as representatives from international P&C companies and individuals from COLIPA and national associations.
Sed (11) quia femineos castravit Gallica Gallos, Gallinae, Galle, nomen et omen habe.
Quod quidem et in Cantico legimus canticorum, ubi sponsae pulchritudo describitur et ad extremum infertur absque taciturnitate tau, nolentibus qui interpretati sunt transferre nomen, quod in sancta scriptura sonaret turpitudinem.
Nomen est omen, and Arend soon develops a love of birds, of anything that flies.