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The choice of stakeholders in a Nominal Group Technique exercise for the Facilities Management Sector of Lithuania on October 15, 2002 forms an example of application.
Delphi method and nominal group technique in family planning and reproductive health research.
For qualitative research in which a broad range of ideas are to be explored, or where a specific question is to be addressed in depth among a target population, a group-based method such as the nominal group technique (NGT) is useful (Delbecq and van de Ven 1971).
For example, the 55 experts who participated in the Delphi and Nominal Group techniques are more likely to support physical activity programs pertaining to children in schools because of their participation in preliminary decision making.
Although it is not always clearly stated in the literature, the vast majority of research on groups in electronic brainstorming meetings is based upon the individual poolwriting technique (Gallupe, Dennis, Cooper, Valacich, Bastianutti, & Nunamaker, 1992; Nunamaker, Dennis, Valacich, Vogel, & George, 1991), but a few others have used the nominal group technique (Hwang & Guynes, 1994), electronic blackboards, Delphi (Turoff, 1972), or other methods.
The team decided to concentrate their efforts on the most probable causes of the problems and used the Nominal Group Technique to vote on them, as shown in Table V.
While the names at first appear similar, nominal group idea generation and Nominal Group Technique (NGT) are quite different approaches.
A complete set of representative and robust objectives is found after Ameliorated Nominal Group Technique Sessions.
Consensus regarding the most important experiences and recommendations were obtained by means of the nominal group technique.
In order to advance the field, the authors conducted participatory research with 120 clients of harm reduction using nominal group technique to develop culturally relevant outcomes to measure progress.
The authors split support systems into `passive' and `active' in Chapters 5 and 6 respectively, reviewing many techniques including, for example, the Nominal Group Technique and the Delphi Technique.
A complete set of representative and robust objectives is found after Brain Storming and Ameliorated Nominal Group Technique Sessions with all the stakeholders concerned or with their representative experts (see Appendix A).