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MAGTFs that are elements of Naval/Amphibious task groups should be able to draw supply support for common non-aviation items as well as aviation peculiar items from sea-based platforms.
Besides its core business activities, Malaysia Airports has in its corporate structure a few subsidiary companies to offer a range of aviation and non-aviation related products and services.
The spacious non-aviation area after check-in and the airport's first-rate real estate portfolio will open up new revenue sources.
Our plan is to expand on this capability and provide tailor-made profiling services to other aviation and non-aviation companies in the region to enable them make informed decisions on a much broader level.
The government of India is encouraging the trend of developing airport cities as that will help airport operators to shore up revenues from non-aviation activities.
In response to industry requests, Nikkel is pursuing additional land development for aviation and non-aviation use.
That's because the LSA rules allow companies to take advantage of non-aviation certified vendors, with certification coming once the vehicle has been built and inspected.
The instruction also includes guidance for non-aviation commands to submit their reports.
The agency does not regularly conduct tests in non-aviation modes of transportation," the report said.
TSA has designed and implemented risk-based national and local covert testing programs to achieve its goals of identifying vulnerabilities in and measuring the performance the aviation security system, and has begun to determine the extent to which covert testing will be used in non-aviation modes of transportation.
He has a proven track record in property, non-aviation revenue generation, future planning and research management.
Chief executive Peter Bakker, who has traded his Porsche for a Toyota Prius hybrid car, said there was substantial room to reduce its non-aviation emissions, but aviation would mean overall emissions would continue to grow in coming years.
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