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NONCOMNon-Commissioned Officer (US military)
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But we weren't able to, simply because Tottenham's Director of Non-Communication deemed it unnecessary to facilitate any kind of E uropean preview.
Non-communications, for example, whether deliverate or not, leads to sub-optimum business results with a variety of direct outcomes, including resignations, rumors and tension.
In addition, IDT has leveraged its expertise in communications-specific clocking technology to develop value-added devices for non-communications market segments, including a JEDEC-defined DDR2 PLL and register chip set for dual in-line memory modules (DIMM) and a family of PC clocks.
Revenue As Reported (in thousands): Quarter Ended Sept 30, Dec 31, Sequential 2003 2003 % change AMCC: Communications $21,828 $26,030 19% Non-Communications 3,291 2,050 -38% Subtotal 25,119 28,080 12% PRS acquisition -- 5,095 N/A JNI (from the date of acquisition) -- 5,014 N/A Total revenue reported $25,119 $38,189 52%
The integrated SiP is an important element in our end market diversification strategy as it allows us to address a broader range of non-communications business," said Harry R.
Raytheon-supplied sensors -- including synthetic aperture radars, multispectral scanners, optical infrared sensors, high frequency direction finding equipment, and communications and non-communications exploitation gear -- have been installed onto three remote sensing aircraft, modified versions of the Embraer ERJ- 145.
The sale of Itronix, a world-class developer of wireless, rugged computing solutions for mobile workers, is consistent with Acterna's plan to divest non-communications test assets as part of its debt restructuring strategy and represents another positive step toward chapter 11 emergence.
is the technology leader in the design and manufacture of high-concept optical devices for use in communications and non-communications high-technology applications.
Because of the simplicity, repeatability, and automation-friendly features of the cold writing process, a broad family of high-concept, in fiber devices can be manufactured, for use not only in communications, but also in a wide variety of non-communications applications such as aerospace, earth sciences, structural engineering, military and intelligence.
This category of laser has traditionally been for non-communications applications, but it holds promise as a communications solution if sufficient cost advantages as well as robustness and reliability can be developed.
The job fair is the Council's initial effort to reach out to college students who are non-communications majors and professionals who are in non-communications careers to demonstrate the increased need for their participation in the field of public relations.
SDL's optical products also serve a variety of non-communications applications, including materials processing and printing.
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