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NCNorth Carolina (US postal abbreviation)
NCNetwork Computer
NCNew Castle (Indiana)
NCNetwork(ed) Computer
NCNorth Central (High School)
NCNormally Closed (switch or valve)
NCNational Center (Crystal City, Arlington, VA)
NCNo Credit (college transcript)
NCNational Committee
NCNo Change
NCNew Caledonia
NCNassau County
NCNo Comment
NCNumerical Control
NCNot Connected
NCNetwork Connection (ITU-T)
NCNo Cover (philately)
NCNew Canaan (Connecticut, USA)
NCNot Collected
NCNotebook Computer
NCNew Country (music; as opposed to the traditional Country/Western)
NCNo Clue
NCNetwork Cable
NCNo Charge
NCNunca (Portuguese)
NCNew Covenant (religious)
NCNepali Congress (Nepal)
NCNational Congress (Sudan)
NCNot Calculated
NCNature Conservancy
NCNurse Corps
NCNews Corp (Australian parent company of Fox)
NCNetwork Control
NCNetwork Code
NCNo Connection
NCNorthland College
NCNew Calendar (Integrated Chronological Applications System)
NCNaming Context (Windows 2000)
NCNoam Chomsky
NCNuclear Chemistry
NCNick Carter (Backstreet Boys)
NCNorton Commander
NCNature Calls (chat)
NCNumerically Controlled
NCNo Class
NCNurse Call
NCNot Carried
NCNormal Control
NCNetscape Communicator
NCNetwork Camera
NCNo Context (decompressor state)
NCNew Call
NCNon Communiqué (French)
NCNeo-Conservative (aka neo-con)
NCNickel Creek (band)
NCNet Control
NCNot Compliant
NCNo Circuit
NCNetwork Channel (Bellcore)
NCNormal Condition (electrical)
NCNicholas Cage
NCNolo Contendere (Latin: No Contest; court plea)
NCNutrition Consultant (aka Nutritional Consultant)
NCNeocron (online roleplaying game)
NCNon-Commissioned Officer (usually seen as NCO)
NCNon Conformance
NCNot Classifiable
NCNo Correction
NCNeutral Current
NCNext Card
NCNet Capacity
NCNationsCup (clan base online video gaming competition)
NCNational Chief (Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America)
NCNordic Council
NCNo Carry
NCNational Climate Data Center
NCNoncom (job candidate with poor communication skills)
NCNational Coarse (threading)
NCNorth Crossing
NCNormal Concrete
NCNochex (online payment method in UK)
NCNational Curriculum for England
NCOficina Nacional de Normalización (Cuba)
NCNon Combative
NCNoise Criterion
NCNova College
NCNightmare City (movie)
NCNew Conglomerate (Planetside game)
NCNew Cadet
NCNonrecurring Costs
NCNuchal Cord
NCNasal Canula
NCNova Consulting
NCNo Cheats (multiplayer gaming)
NCNumismatic Chronicle (UK)
NCNo Coil
NCNicolae Carpathia (Left Behind book series)
NCNeural Controller
NCNATO Confidential
NCNoble & Cooley (drums)
NCNo Chord (music)
NCNoise Coefficient (manufacturing specification)
NCNode Center
NCNavigation Controller
NCNetwork Complex
NCNarrow Coverage
NCNon-Controlled Substance (USA)
NCNaga College
NCNordic Cooperation
NCNegative Constructive (debate)
NCNick's Class (Complexity theory, parallel algorithms)
NCNATO Civilian
NCNashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis Railroad
NCNormal Cleanup
NCNepali Currency
NCNotifiable Change
NCNuke Cannon (gaming, Command & Conquer Generals)
NCNational Conservancy
NCNOCONTRACT (Not Releasable to Contractors or Consultants; classification)
NCNonlinear Capacitance
NCNintendo Center
NCNappies Covered
NCNavigation (Planning) Center (USACE)
NCNormo-Cephalic (physical exam)
NCNeutron Controller
NCNordrassil Ceptilus (gaming guild)
NCNational Coarse Screw Thread (Society of Automotive Engineers)
NCNodal Controller
NCOccupation Air Post (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NC(USN Rating) Navy Counselor
NCNORN Collective
NCNominating Committee
NCNobody Cares
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SurModics IVD on Thursday introduced its BioFX Liquid Nova-Stop Solution, a non-corrosive, non-hazardous stop solution for TMB microwell substrates, in the market.
It is also electrically insulative, non-corrosive and non-flammable, as well as thermally stable from -73[degrees]C to 200[degrees]C while exceeding MIL-C-47113 for thermal conductivity.
The M1 Carbine round was designed with non-corrosive priming from the start, and all US-made commercial and military .
According to Hu-Friedy, the solid tablet quickly dissolves in water to create a non-corrosive solution reportedly more effective than bleach.
Non-corrosive, non-toxic, and non-flammable, this low VOC cleaner cuts through oil, grease, carbon, sludge, and dirt, encapsulating them into a solution that rinses off and leaves no residues.
The light panels can be attached to aquarium canopies and are coated to be non-corrosive and very energy efficient.
product to AltraWash Green, the non-corrosive cleaner designed for water-based inks, AltraWash Blue is a new, concentrated cleaner specifically formulated for cleaning UV and solvent-based inks in pressure washing systems, soak tanks and ultrasonic tanks, or it can used as an on-press anilox cleaner.
Its non-staining, non-corrosive formula is safe for use on all hard surfaces including stainless steel, Formica, plastic and vinyl surfaces.
A start-up company in Boise, Idaho, is offering a hybrid breathing system which relies on non-corrosive chemicals to provide oxygen and scrub carbon dioxide from expelled breath.
Its RustClean solution contains no acids or solvents and is non-toxic, non flammable, non-corrosive, and non-abrasive.
Gas Products says the new bar, which measures 8 1/4 inches center-to-center, has been built with a bright yellow powder coated aluminum extrusion and uses the GPI non-metallic meter nut plugs to provide a special non-corrosive, fully insulated meter bar for use in all services and conditions.
Can a clean, non-corrosive cartridge or two be fired behind (or last) after a corrosive-ammo shooting session to clean out the salts and whatever is left behind by the corrosive ammo?
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