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NDNorth Dakota (US postal abbreviation)
NDNeutral Density (filter used in photography)
NDNotre Dame
NDNo Doubt (band)
NDNot Determined
NDNot Done
NDNew Directions
NDNew Delhi (India)
NDNancy Drew (character)
NDNew Deal (Franklin D Roosevelt's plan to boost US economy in the 1930s)
NDNaturopathic Doctor
NDNot Detected
NDNo Download
NDNational Diploma (England)
NDNo Damage
NDNaughty Dog (video game developer)
NDNine Days (band)
NDNeil Diamond (singer)
NDNo Decision (baseball; when a starter does not win or lose)
NDNetwork Design
NDNew Democracy (Greece)
NDNeighbor Discovery
NDDoctor of Naturopathic Medicine
NDNewcastle Disease
NDNatural Death
NDNADH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) Dehydrogenase
NDNot Detectable
NDNet Debt (financial management)
NDNot Documented
NDNapalm Death (band)
NDDoctor of Nursing (degree)
NDNormal Delivery
NDNon-Directional (antenna)
NDNon-Descript (TV/film industry and animal breeds)
NDNose Down
NDNetdevil (game company)
NDNapolean Dynamite (Movie)
NDNavigation Display
NDNatural Diamond
NDNetwork Diagram
NDNear Dark (movie)
NDNotifiable Disease
NDNavy Diver (USN job classification)
NDNegligent Discharge (firearms)
NDNo Drawing
NDNorsk Data
NDNext Degree
NDNeutron Detector
NDNorrie Disease
NDNatural Density (filter)
NDNeutron Density
NDNo Date of Publication
NDNavigational Display
NDNova Demokratija (Serbian: New Democracy Party; political party from Serbia-Yugoslavia)
NDNormal Deployment
NDNon-Distended (abdominal exam)
NDNeutral Drive
NDNetwork Directorate
NDNick Delay (IRC)
NDNatürliche Dummheit (German: Natural Dumbness)
NDNitrification / De-Nitrification
NDNo Date
NDNominal Diameter (pipe size)
NDNormalized Detection
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On physical examination, he was afebrile with normal vital signs, had a soft, non-distended abdomen with tenderness to palpation in the right upper quadrant.
Her abdomen was soft, non- tender, and non-distended with normal bowel sounds.
Abdominal examination showed a soft, non-distended abdomen with mild tenderness in the right iliac fossa near the deep inguinal point.
The physical examination was significant for oral thrush and a non-distended abdomen with mild diffuse tenderness, more prominent over the RUQ, with positive Murphy's sign.
Abdominal examination reveals a symmetric, non-distended abdomen, tender in the left hemi-abdomen, with no peritonitic signs; digital rectal examination is normal.
Her abdomen was found to be soft, non-distended with normal bowel sounds but profoundly tender to palpation in the left lower quadrant.
Her abdomen was soft, non-distended, with no palpable masses but with suprapubic tenderness without rebound or guarding.
It accounted for failure to insert non-distended and distended OTW balloon catheters in 4 and 6 animals, respectively.
Abdomen: Abdomen is soft and non-distended without tenderness.
Abdomen: Symmetrical, intact, non-distended, no lesions; active, normal bowel sounds in all four quadrants; soft; non-tender.