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NONELNo-Observed-Nephrotoxic-Effect Level (toxicology)
NONELNon-Electric (firing system for explosives)
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The non-electric shaver is further sub segmented into blades & accessories, safety razors, and cartridge razors.
The Food Rising grow system is a revolutionary, non-electric food production invention that grows food without using any soil or electricity.
Praised for its "dramatic progress" in launching cars with the lowest average CO emissions over the last 12 months, editor Chas Hallett said Kia was making "leaps that catch us out," The magazine singled out the allnew Rio with its class-leading 85g/km CO figure - making it the cleanest non-electric vehicle in the world - at its annual awards and also praised the new Picanto at its earlier Green Awards ceremony, naming it Green Supermini of the Year.
Another device, the Percussion-Actuated Non-electric Disruptor, uses a high velocity of water to disable improvised explosive devices, noted David Kowachek, project engineer with the center.
The EN10 is available with user-friendly, top-mounted manual controls for convenience and easy operation or a non-electric thermostat control for improved heating efficiency and fuel savings.
Features include a non-electric design, an Iconel compression spring with a lifetime spring limited warranty and an externally removable motive intake valve.
The letter concludes, "Within that constraint, however, we believe that including non-electric fusion applications in fusion program goals is a sensible and beneficial strategy.
Waterwise also makes models suitable for larger households and a non-electric distiller.
In August, Diamond Power became the first non-electric utility to enter the power wholesale market, since the curb on large-lot power sales was removed in March.
c) lack of multiple and dual-fuel capability, (d) lack of non-electric or non-combustion shelter heating capability, (e) high fuel consumption, which exceeded manufacturer's specifications and was constant even with low load and (e) low reliability and dependability.
Use wooden, non-electric communication boards instead of electronic communication boards in areas without electricity.
Increasing power costs, the impending phase out of standard vapor compression system refrigerants, and utility incentives to switch to non-electric chillers are giving cooling plant operators a new perspective on when and how to replace old equipment.