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NPLRNational Pro Life Radio
NPLRNon-Performing Loan Ratio (banking term)
NPLRNoise Power Level Reduction (audiology)
NPLRNumber Portability Location Register (telecommunications)
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Commercial Bank International's non-performing loan ratio also fell to 7.
A key finding has been a significantly lower non-performing loan ratio, at approximately 8 percent, for relatively fresh credit to SMEs.
Analysts have said previously that Vietnam is in urgent need of inclusive finance, as the demand for capital was increasing and the non-performing loan ratio at micro-financial institutions and social policy banks was much lower than other places.
S and P believes these banks are in a comfortable phase in the credit cycle-corporate profitability looks strong, interest rates and borrowing costs are low, and the non-performing loan ratio is low at around 2 percent,' the credit ratings agency said.
According to the company, this is one of the first and largest transactions in the Greek non-performing loan (NPL) market and allows it to establish a first mover advantage in the country with the highest non-performing loan ratio in Europe.
The non-performing loan ratio dropped to 57 per cent at the end of March from 58 per cent in December.
Concurrently, the non-performing loan ratio, an indicator for bank asset quality, kept virtually stable.
Al Zadjali said that the non-performing loan ratio of Omani banks is very low and the provision against such loan is very high.
Gulf Bank maintained its positive trend of reducing the non-performing loan ratio which decreased from 6.
A 1% non-performing loan ratio has little signaling value when 36% of all outstanding credit resides outside Chinese banks' loan portfolios," said Charlene Chu, China bank analyst at Fitch Ratings.
The bank is said to have the lowest non-performing loan ratio among major banks in Thailand.
While all these loans will not necessarily go bad, the nation's non-performing loan ratio will likely "increase slightly" at the end of this year, a senior official from the China Banking Regulatory Commission.
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