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NRTNicotine Replacement Therapy
NRTNorm-Referenced Test
NRTNational Recreation Trail (National Trails System; US Interior Department)
NRTNational Response Team
NRTnear real time
NRTTokyo, Japan - Narita (Airport Code)
NRTNationally Recognised Training (Australia)
NRTNet Registered Tonnage
NRTNot Real Time
NRTNaval Reserve Training
NRTNon-Requesting Terminal
NRTNutrient Removal Technology
NRTNormed Referenced Test
NRTNormal Rated Thrust
NRTNodal Reentrant Tachycardia
NRTNorwottuck Rail Trail (Massachusetts)
NRTNetwork Readiness Test (data)
NRTNon-Recognizable Target
NRTNational Rotorcraft Transport
NRTNavy Review Team
NRTNewreka Reduction Technology (Newreka Green Synth Technologies Pvt. Ltd.; India)
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The ABR service category presents a unique set of characteristic which can be exploited to efficiently carry traffic dynamically of all non-real-time services :
Both the real-time and non-real-time capability of the Mobile TV standard make it an ideal adjunct to existing emergency alert mechanisms used by TV broadcasters and mobile network operators.
Featuring TI's DSP/BIOS Bridge technology, the OMAP processor partitions real-time and non-real-time software code between the DSP/RISC architecture to deliver optimal system performance and power efficiency.
Assortment composition is far too critical a merchandising decision to leave to the non-real-time, highly variable nature of human assessment, judgment, and action," said Upstream Commerce CEO, Amos Peleg.
24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- About Unified Communication UC is a system that integrates real-time communication services such as presence information, telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, data sharing, and others, with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging (email, SMS, and fax).
0 standards work from 2011-2013, and he chairs the Non-Real-Time Services activities within ATSC.
The report covers the global market for commercially available RTOSes and non-real-time operating systems and other related bundled products and services used in embedded applications.
264 encoders configured for non-real-time single-pass operation with maximum encode quality.
Zynq features floating point co-processor capability, helping a system to execute complex non-real-time calculations and apply the results to the real-time FPGA data stream.
Although email and calendaring software applications will remain important because of their near universal reach and support for non-real-time communications, businesses users will behave increasingly like consumers, favoring instant and social collaboration tools.
Broadband Bonding of course continues to be ideal for non-real-time applications as well.
Businesses leveraging public and private cloud based services can suffer from unstable latency on WAN links caused by fluctuations of the Internet pipe and clogged WAN connectivity from non-real-time traffic overtaking the bandwidth.
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