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NSNetwork Simulator (networking research)
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NSNot Specified
NSNew South
NSNetwork Services
NSNew South Wales (Australia)
NSNorfolk Southern Railway (railroad)
NSNon Stop
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NSNorth Side
NSNorth Star (District in the Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America)
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NSNinja Storm (Power Rangers cartoon)
NSNormal Saline
NSNot Statistically Significant
NSNational Standard
NSNasal Spray (drug administration)
NSNo Support
NSNight Strike (gaming)
NSNo Standard
NSNational Socialism
NSNon-Structural (molecular biology)
NSNeXTStep (Apple Computer)
NSNegeri Sembilan (Malaysian state)
NSNo Show
NSNice Shot (games)
NSNaming Service
NSNickServ (IRC Nickname Server)
NSNational Seashore (National Park Service)
NSNaruto Shippuden (anime)
NSNephrotic Syndrome
NSNot Scheduled
NSNew Spring (Wheel of Time short novel)
NSNeck Strap
NSNon Sequitur (Latin: Not Continuing, epigraphy)
NSNationStates (online game)
NSNorsk Standard (Norwegian Standard)
NSNullsoft (developers of Winamp)
NSNada Surf (band)
NSNo Surrender
NSNimbostratus (cloud formation)
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NSNear Side
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NSNuclear Submarine
NSNoonan Syndrome
NSNetStumbler (wireless network discovery software)
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NSNull Space (mathematics)
NSNamed Storms (hurricanes)
NSNuclear Ship
NSNational Special (machine screw thread, Society of Automotive Engineers)
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NSNature's Swiftness (gaming, World of Warcraft)
NSNegative Small (number)
NSNo Stuff (polite form)
NSNadeem-Shravan (Indian film composers)
NSNumber of Suspensions
NSN-Sider (gaming website)
NSNode Switches
NSNational Stanine (educational testing)
NSnuclear survivability (US DoD)
NSNon Serviceable
NSNaughty Sorceress (gaming, Kingdom of Loathing character)
NSNeighborhood Systems
NSNarrow Sample
NSNaval Sheltered (environment)
NSNetwork Selector
NSNetherton Disease
NSNeutralized Solution
NSNazareth Sisters
NSNachschrift (Geman: Post Scriptum (PS))
NSNetStorager System (SGI)
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Equally we have seen real demand for rapid, transparent, non-status finance allowing investors to purchase an investment property in theUKmarket.
The Department of Justice Canada has made available three-year scholarships to Metis and non-status Indian students who wish to attend law school.
It will use the term Aboriginal as a more inclusive term, which includes status and non-status Indians.
I would go to school then come home, spend time with my parents a bit and then with the lifting of the moratorium [of deporting Algerians (31)] my parents began attending meetings with the Action Committee for Non-Status Algerians.
For non-Status Indian people or Metis people this type of data is not available because they are not identified separately in health-care records.
Such lenders may, for example, only deal in non-status lending for companies that have either a poor credit history or no trading history.
Topics include privatizing the military and defining security concerns, the politics of protection in a privatized and globalized South Africa, the political agency of non-status refugees, resisting sovereign power, territory and population as elements of security, the international politics of reconstruction in Bosnia and Kosovo, the role of the judiciary, the limits of agency in emergencies, and the need to protect nature.
She has written more than 30 pages of the story she describes as being about a "young woman who is a non-status by government definition trying to find her place in the world.
For Lawrence, these tendencies within reserve-based Native communities are an understandable result of the desire to protect and rebuild Native cultures, but they further marginalize non-status Native people and drain a substantial potential source of Native political strength by shunting aside the one-third of Canadian Natives who identify themselves as Metis.
The 185-member non-status reserve developed the idea of selling cedar caskets when they were approached in 2001 by an unnamed entrepreneur who had built custom-made.
The water provided to many Metis and non-status Indian communities and to First Nations reserves is some of the poorest quality water in (Ontario).
Lawrence's work provides an authoritative examination of the seminal issues involved in the lives of non-status Indian, Metis and disenfranchised native peoples.
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