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As for biographies, there is Art Spiegelman's spellbinding Holocaust narrative, Maus (yes, it is a graphic novel, but who says non-fiction has to be wholly text-based?
Lizann Flatt's foray into children's non-fiction occurred while working at Owl and ChickaDee magazines (she served as editor at the latter).
The Presenting Sponsor of The Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction is RBC Wealth Management.
Non-fiction is particularly appealing to boys who like to read facts that they can tell other boys about, Boys, in particular, like to swap facts with each other.
Overall, a set of Interactive Non-Fiction and Media 11--14 in your classroom could be used to deliver your media requirement across Key Stage 3 and would help provide excellent preparation for students going on to study GCSE Media Studies, as well as GCSE English.
His memoirs, Maybe A Bastard, have been shortlisted in the Creative Non-Fiction section.
Other non-fiction subjects that we could learn more about were museums (069.
In a recent non-fiction book titled Mind Siege (coauthored with David Noebel), LaHaye outlines his model society -- a Religious Right utopia where there is no separation of church and state.
It is a subtle interweaving of reliable fact from public sources and subjective recollections, a technique successfully employed in other non-fiction works, such as Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and A Civil Action.
Led by a resurgence of the NFB's Documentary East Studio, which includes the Halifax Atlantic Studio, there were several major feature--length works that marked a significant revival in the non-fiction form.
Glenn Townes, an award-winning journalist and writer is a regular contributor to BIBR and is featured in the anthology The African-American Writer's Guide to Non-Fiction Writing and Publishing, to be published in October 2001.
Non-fiction writers have gained a new digital marketing weapon with today's launch of Wooden Horse Publishing's information website and market database at http://www.