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NL-SCFNon-Local (density functional)-Self-Consistent Field
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In addition, increasing the non-local parameter decreases the frequency of the nanostructures.
With the abundance of non-local cloud services the customers get to choose from various vendor offerings and at lower price points.
While Telangana employees and other organisations were demanding that all non-local employees should be repatriated to their native places and only Telangana employees should remain working in the Telangana state, Seemandhra employees and their leaders were demanding an option to move to Seemandhra or stay in Telangana.
Local and non-local material distinctions are given according to the location of the sources in relation to 1MC25.
Some syntactic dependencies are non-local, that is they cross clause boundaries to have their effect, among them movement, reflexivization, case assignment, agreement, consecutio temporum, and deletion.
Al-Wadie says the initial signed agreement stated that the non-local Salafis residing in Dammaj would be sent to Tehama, in Hodeida governorate.
His face was covered with a scarf and he spoke with a non-local accent.
The ambition to create a strong non-local Gulf workforce in the region's private sector still has many obstacles to overcome.
Cooperation between Kuwait and Jordan in particular is of great volume, and Kuwaiti investments came first among non-local investments close to USD 10 billion.
This year's Unite/CPHVA Annual Professional Forum (APF) is being heralded as a 'must attend' event for association members, providing essential 'germination for ideas and discussion in a non-local context', according to Unite/CPHVA professional officer Gavin Fergie.
The inhabitants of the local area know all too well the problems that continued developments are causing, but those non-local councillors apparently know better than us what is good for our area.
Steve Van, the company chief executive officer, said, 'The sale of the Se San Diego Hotel was particularly complex, involving an international bank and a non-local servicer - not to mention the still difficult economic climate facing the southern California real estate market.