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Schmidt said one of their key findings was that non-smoking AD individuals improved significantly on a measure of postural stability over the course of eight months of sobriety.
With the entire fleet converting to the new policy, implemented based on strong customer preferences for non-smoking vehicles, all cars have been classified non-smoking.
The non-smoking rule applies to everybody working in UPM premises.
At first we were sceptical as to whether the non-smoking outlet would work, but with explanation and the possibility for guests to choose a smoking outlet we succeeded quite well and there are guests who request non-smoking sections and appreciate our non-smoking restaurant.
Fire safety and expense reduction were the two most important factors that led to the implementation of a non-smoking policy across the entire portfolio of Guardian Management LLC, in Portland, Ore.
Given that one bar is self-contained and has no access to the other, non-smoking public areas of the club, it is obvious that this bar should remain as the smokers' and the other be designated as a non-smoking area at all times.
Actually my first suggestion was to have separate smoking and non-smoking areas, but then DISY changed it so that smoking was banned in all [internal] areas," he said.
I have to imagine that there are non-smokers here who would patronise non-smoking establishments.
Abu Dhabi: One of the main targets in the UAE is to create a non-smoking environment, said the health minister on Sunday.
Germany has introduced non-smoking rules in pubs and restaurants but Germans working in small offices are still allowed to smoke.
The majority of our guests are non-smoking, and travelers are used to more non-smoking environments today," said Crystal Cruises' president, Gregg Michel.
My husband and I have eaten in the same restaurant when it was smoking and non-smoking.