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NSCNational Security Council
NSCNational Safety Council (since 1913)
NSCNorfolk Southern Corporation
NSCNational SCRABBLE Championship
NSCNational Semiconductor Corporation
NSCNational Supplier Clearinghouse
NSCNational Skin Centre (Singapore)
NSCNevada State College (Henderson, NV)
NSCNational Sports Council
NSCNippon Steel Corporation
NSCNational Steering Committee
NSCNeural Stem Cell
NSCNatick Soldier Center (US Army)
NSCNational Security Cutter
NSCNational Science Council of Taiwan
NSCNational Service Center
NSCNational Science Center
NSCNational Security Committee
NSCNetwork Service Center
NSCNon-Service Connected
NSCNuclear Suppliers Group
NSCNonstructural Carbohydrates
NSCNaval Supply Center
NSCNational Simulation Center
NSCNational Securities Commission (Romania)
NSCNeuroscience Center
NSCNational Support Center
NSCNormal Strength Concrete
NSCNetwork Systems Corporation
NSCNaval Sea Cadet
NSCNaval Space Command
NSCNorth Sioux City (South Dakota)
NSCNorth Spokane Corridor
NSCNeighborhood Shopping Center
NSCNo Significant Clouds (meteorology, aviation)
NSCNational Security Center
NSCNational Surgery Centers
NSCNecessary and Sufficient Condition
NSCNational Skin Centre, Singapore
NSCNational Sound Corporation
NSCNumber System Character (first digit of UPC)
NSCNational Suppliers Council
NSCNetwork Support Company
NSCNetherlands Society of Cinematographers
NSCNo Share Capital (business type, UK)
NSCNeighborhood Services Coordinator
NSCNominated Sub-Contract
NSCNational Seed Corporation (India)
NSCNational Starch and Chemical Co
NSCNational Standard of Canada (Standards Council of Canada)
NSCNATO Security Committee
NSCNational Software Competition
NSCNation Song Contest
NSCNetwork Security Conference (Las Vegas, NV)
NSCNetwork Security Controller
NSCNon-Standard (Facilities) Command (Itu-T Rec. T.30)
NSCNorthern Silviculture Committee
NSCNational Storytelling Conference
NSCNon-Standard Facilities Command
NSCNomenclature Standards Committee (FDA)
NSCNetwork Service Controller
NSCNursing Student Council (various universities)
NSCNATO Supply Center (NAMSA)
NSCNode Site Coordinator
NSCNuclear Sciences Center
NSCNoise Suppression Circuit
NSCNorth Star Camp (Tucson, Arizona)
NSCNetwork Surveillance Center
NSCNational Science Collections (Alliance)
NSCNational Seismic Conference
NSCNon-Submarine Contact
NSCNaval Support Center
NSCNewmarket Stage Company
NSCNATO Steering Committee
NSCNuclear Services Corporation
NSCNew System Concept
NSCNursing Station Clerk
NSCnon-sinusoidal carrier
NSCNATO Surveillance Coordination Center
NSCNortheastern School of Commerce (Bay City, Michigan)
NSCNon-Linear Stabilizing Control (control system type)
NSCNATO Standardization Committee
NSCNihon Suido Consultants, Ltd (Japan)
NSCNoiseless Source Coding
NSCNavigation Set Computer (LANTIRN)
NSCNon Specification Contaminants
NSCNuclear Sclerosis Cataract
NSCNon Segmented Client
NSCNoisy Subband Component
NSCNational Student Competition
NSCNATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Shipping Centre (UK)
NSCNorth Sydney Council (Sydney, Australia)
NSCNew Secondary Curriculum (UK)
NSCNational Sporting Club (UK)
NSCNational Sports Commission (Nigeria)
NSCNetwork Security Consulting (various locations)
NSCNew Shopping Center (Manali Hill, India)
NSCNetwork Sharing Camera (Sony)
NSCNon-Stick Coating (cookware)
NSCNetwork Services Company (Schaumburg, IL)
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It provides us with a well-established platform, a growing business, attractive operating margins and return on assets and will form a strong base for Non-Standard Finance as we grow organically and acquire new businesses.
Therefore, many of the items provided are non-standard or even the first of their kind.
Promoting an "additive non-standard languageism" fosters the academic and linguistic development of minority students without repression of the students home language (Sato, 1991).
The non-standard special material equipment industry covers two major categories of products, i.
According to the 12th Five-year Plan (2011-2015) for the Development of China Coal Chemical Industry, a great number of projects proposed and to be newly built in chemical and metallurgical sectors, etc will start construction successively in the next few years, which essentially bolsters the development of the non-standard special material equipment industry.
Most (60%) of individuals who moved from no employment in 1999 into employment in either 2000 or 2001 originally found non-standard jobs.
Due to the nature of non-standard procurement support-items are not available off-the-shelf.
However, the growth and diversity of non-standard international assignments among companies in Europe has brought confusion in other areas.
According to the industry's enterprise survey, the hydraulic non-standard equipment manufacturing enterprises are concentrated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions.
In recent years, following the fast-growing demand for non-standard special material equipments from downstream industries, the company's product manufacturing has gradually achieved full-load status.
Global Banking News-March 27, 2012--ECB official advocates closing down non-standard measures as soon as possible(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
In 1983 he became head of the NAVILCO Special Projects Office of the Operations Department until NAVILCO reorganized on 1 October 1996 to become the International Programs Directorate of the Naval Inventory Control Point (Code OF) at which time he was appointed the FMS Non-Standard Acquisitions Manager.
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