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Some airports have already successfully integrated nonaviation activities into their overall revenue generation strategy and others are now following suit (Graham 2009).
In addition, nonaviation coverages for aviation enterprises may have to be procured from the E & S market.
Finally, the researchers selected neighborhoods that excluded major highways, to minimize the potential impact of nonaviation traffic noise on study subjects (19,20).
Most general liability insurance carriers exclude aviation-related products and premises exposures, while most aviation insurance carriers exclude nonaviation exposures.
But as more nonaviation and nonaerospace uses for titanium are developed, especially in the areas of recreational equipment, automotive engines, and military armor, demand for the metal is stabilizing and growing at a more predictable rate.
Although the ICAO concept of RNP is focused on aviation, its rigorous definitions and categorizations of navigation characteristics also are widely applicable to nonaviation applications.
Some European carriers also operate mileage programs in conjunction with nonaviation activities - e.
Control was the most important element, with projects involving hundreds of nonaviation employees working beside a Boeing 747 or a contractor boring a utility trench under an active taxiway.
We intend to continue to grow the market for the Secure 1000 in both aviation and nonaviation markets.
Take a look at all of the discounts and special offers from leading aviation and nonaviation companies available through the AOPA Lifestyles Member Discounts Program.
It isn't necessary to search when you reach the airport", says Karin Mollers, head of the airport's nonaviation businesses.
Fegan said nonaviation revenue will reach "new highs for the next couple of decades," which will "help keep costs lower for airlines, making DFW a more attractive market, and create new airline competition.