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Some airports have already successfully integrated nonaviation activities into their overall revenue generation strategy and others are now following suit (Graham 2009).
The balance of the text addresses nonaviation insurance and does a fine job of outlining coverages.
continue to expand into nonaviation lines, giving rise to a
Take a look at all of the discounts and special offers from leading aviation and nonaviation companies available through the AOPA Lifestyles Member Discounts Program.
It isn't necessary to search when you reach the airport", says Karin Mollers, head of the airport's nonaviation businesses.
Fegan said nonaviation revenue will reach "new highs for the next couple of decades," which will "help keep costs lower for airlines, making DFW a more attractive market, and create new airline competition.
The rest of the land would go for office buildings, light industrial and other nonaviation uses that residents prefer.
In this article, I'll treat each of these areas, hopefully in a way useful to aviation and nonaviation risk managers alike, and discuss the particular ramifications and pitfalls I've found in working with aviation risk.
As fee-based activities grow and the group's underwriting extends into nonaviation lines, a satisfactory and more stable operating performance is expected to emerge.
Schiphol Group incorrectly passed several nonaviation costs--including the costs of building a sound barrier around one runway, of training baggage handling employees and of an accountancy control--to airlines when setting landing and handling fees, NMa said.
The city's Airport Commission voted last year to evict the company in what was described as an effort to move nonaviation companies and fix the company's hangar, which was damaged in the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.
The credit rating is based on a review of the airport's operating fundamentals, such as its strong service market, availability of area to expand land facilities and proactive management focus on enhancing nonaviation revenues.