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The WDPS includes both a population around Yellowstone National Park (classified as a nonessential experimental population (NEP)), and a population along the Canadian border that is classified as threatened (Federal Register 68).
This DPS will retain the status of endangered; the nonessential experimental population designation ill Arizona, New Mexico, and a small portion of Texas, remains unchanged.
149) RECORD OF DECISION, supra note 128, at 3; Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants: Establishment of a Nonessential Experimental Population of Gray Wolves in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, 59 Fed.
23) Nonessential experimental populations within national parks or refuges only have threatened stares for some provisions of the ESA.
95) This distinction between essential and nonessential experimental populations was designed to promote and facilitate reintroduction efforts and to further the ESA's overriding goal of conservation.
The experimental population regulations distinguish between essential and nonessential experimental populations for the purposes of section 7.
Seventeen Freshwater Mollusks In an effort to restore populations of a number of endangered Alabama freshwater mollusks, we designated nonessential experimental population status on June 14 for reintroduced populations of 16 mussels and one aquatic snail in the Tennessee River below Wilson Dam.
They would be designated as a nonessential experimental population.
District Court for Wyoming held that the FWS final rules establishing a nonessential experimental population of gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho and southwestern Montana are unlawful, and it ordered the removal of all of the reintroduced wolves and their offspring from the Yellowstone and central Idaho areas.
These wolves were designated as nonessential experimental populations to increase management flexibility and address local and state concerns.
The decision was to reintroduce wolves to both Yellowstone and central Idaho as nonessential experimental populations, the most flexible classification for species listed under the ESA.
Those wolves, originally from Canada, were designated as nonessential experimental populations to increase management flexibility over what is normally allowable for species listed under the ESA.