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Corporate-Owned Life insurance (COLI) product strength is usually reserved for larger employers, and we looked for a way to address the strong need among small and mid-sized businesses as well, said Gary Dorton, Vice President Nonqualified Solutions.
Nolan Financial wanted its website visitors to be able to easily access information about the growing nonqualified benefit industry whenever and wherever needed.
Enacted in 2004, Section 409A regulates the form and content of many types of nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements.
has joined CAPTRUST Financial Advisors as Vice President of Nonqualified Deferred Compensation services and will lead the firm's strategic decision to broaden these services as employers across the country look for ways to help their employees save more for retirement, including options over and above current 401(k) regulatory limits.
Computation of Recognizable Gain on Property Subjected to Nonqualified Use
A period of nonqualified use is defined as any period in which the property is not used as the taxpayer's principal residence (or as the principal residence of the taxpayer's spouse or former spouse).
Any nonqualified use will have to be toted up to limit the amount of the tax-free exclusion you are allowed.
The taxation of nonqualified deferred compensation has to date been governed by general principles of taxation, sections 61, 83, 402(b), 404(a)(5), and 451 of the Code, and a handful of IRS pronouncements).
For example, let's say you purchase a $100-a-day nursing home benefit from a nonqualified long-term care insurance plan with five years of benefits.
New research from The Principal shows nonqualified plan sponsor and participant trends