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NOPANational Office Products Alliance
NOPANational Oilseed Processors Association
NoPaNorth of the Panhandle (San Francisco, CA)
NOPANotice of Proposed Adjustment
NOPANational Office Products Association
NOPANotice of Project for Employment involving Asbestos
NOPANew Orleans Photo Alliance (New Orleans, LA)
NOPANitrogen by O-Phthaldialdehyde (assay)
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I walled off my umbrage and we met some friends at Nopa for dinner.
In North Ormesby, parents now know with certainty that when they drop their children off at NOPA, they will be provided with an outstanding education from a extraordinarily passionate and hard-working team of people.
Pointing to the world agricultural supply and demand estimates report as the driving force in its request, NOPA says the administration "needs to do everything it can to ease the crop shortage situation.
The Northern Parula (NOPA) is a high canopy feeder, and yet this species is very positively associated with RDA axis 1; however, this may be due to insufficient sampling, as the NOPA was detected only once.
The NOPA rules may always seem to be adverse to taxpayers at first glance.
After final review a NOPA is issued to the taxpayer.
Sales in 1992 are expected to increase no more than 2 percent, according to Anne Griffith, research coordinator for NOPA, a trade organization based in Alexandria, Va.
The opening of the new Bi-Rite Market last spring is the biggest news to hit Divisadero since the restaurant Nopa put the neighborhood on the map back in 2006.
Its impact has been recognised by the 2011 NOPA football blogging and podcasting awards.
The joint audit planning process encourages the examination team to discuss all issues before issuing a NOPA.
According to NOPA, there is a more than $80-billion market at stake nationally and a $124-million market in central Arkansas.