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NOPANational Office Products Alliance
NOPANational Oilseed Processors Association
NoPaNorth of the Panhandle (San Francisco, CA)
NOPANotice of Proposed Adjustment
NOPANational Office Products Association
NOPANotice of Project for Employment involving Asbestos
NOPANew Orleans Photo Alliance (New Orleans, LA)
NOPANitrogen by O-Phthaldialdehyde (assay)
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3) A NOPA scheme is adopted in each participated relay node to approximately optimize the power allocation for low complexity, rather than the huge resource consumed globally optimal exhaustive selection of all relay nodes in the AF scheme.
Esto se observa en (8a) y (8b) y (8d), donde el participante topical es codificado primero por medio de una frase nominal plena formada por un determinante y un nombre compuesto, se tenantamasoli 'una rana' y nopa tenantamasoli 'esta rana' respectivamente.
Taxpayers will frequently have an opportunity, prior to receiving the final NOPA, to see what the exam team believes to be the facts and to highlight errors and incorporate additional facts it finds important through an IDR.
In North Ormesby, parents now know with certainty that when they drop their children off at NOPA, they will be provided with an outstanding education from a extraordinarily passionate and hard-working team of people.
Pointing to the world agricultural supply and demand estimates report as the driving force in its request, NOPA says the administration "needs to do everything it can to ease the crop shortage situation.
The Northern Parula (NOPA) is a high canopy feeder, and yet this species is very positively associated with RDA axis 1; however, this may be due to insufficient sampling, as the NOPA was detected only once.
If a taxpayer owns an interest in a C corporation in which he or she materially participates in the activity conducted by the C corporation, a rental by the taxpayer to the C corporation of property used in the C corporation activity qualifies for NOPA treatment.
AJAUIL Ki ijtoan na nech chijken ika achi zokitl na ax nij neki, na ax ni ueli ni neltoka uan tlan nelia nopa poali nij kalakis ze chipauakreconchaxochitl pan no kamak nij tolos ken ze no pajtli uan keman nij panoltis i uitzo nech kechtekis chichiltik mo chiuas no reconchaxochitl uan nij xoleuas nopa poali peuas nejnemis no pilyolotl ze chichiltik reconchaxochitl peuas nejnemis ipan no yolix.
NopA is associated with cell surface appendages produced by the type III secretion system of Rhizobium sp.
25) The plans must be based on science and be consistent with the national ocean policy and standards to guide ocean governance incorporated in NOPA.
Los kusiyai podian tener un rango de especializaciones que comprendia al kusiyai nopa (el curandero), el kusiyai mispit (el chaman diabolico o hechicero), el awi kusiyai (especialista en mordidas de viboras) y el kwamyar (el especialista en la manipulacion del clima) (Hohenthal, 2001).
3 heads thinly sliced Nopa (or celery) cabbage (Save the tough outer leaves; do not slice them.