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NRTNicotine Replacement Therapy
NRTNorm-Referenced Test
NRTNatural Resource Tax
NRTNational Recreation Trail (National Trails System; US Interior Department)
NRTNormal Renal Tissue
NRTNational Response Team
NRTnear real time
NRTNon Real Time
NRTNoise Reduction Technology
NRTNorthern Rangelands Trust (Kenya)
NRTTokyo, Japan - Narita (Airport Code)
NRTNear-Regular Texture (algorithm)
NRTNeighbor Relation Table
NRTNationally Recognised Training (Australia)
NRTNet Registered Tonnage
NRTNon-Resident Tax
NRTNational Rail Timetable (UK)
NRTNon-Regression Testing (software and engine control units)
NRTNot Real Time
NRTNational Reporting Toolkit (environmental software; United Arab Emirates)
NRTNaval Reserve Training
NRTNon-Requesting Terminal
NRTNutrient Removal Technology
NRTNormed Referenced Test
NRTNormal Rated Thrust
NRTNorwottuck Rail Trail (Massachusetts)
NRTNodal Reentrant Tachycardia
NRTNational Rotorcraft Transport
NRTNon-Recognizable Target
NRTNetwork Readiness Test (data)
NRTVessels Assigned Naval Districts for Training Naval Reserves (US Navy)
NRTNavy Review Team
NRTNewreka Reduction Technology (Newreka Green Synth Technologies Pvt. Ltd.; India)
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using intervals of 3, 6, or 12 months, as is often done with norm-referenced tests of cognitive ability); either the mean or median test score is identified for each age-defined subgroup; and this score (either the mean or median) then becomes the AE score for each age-defined subgroup.
In addition to norm-referenced tests such as the Beery VMI, interviews and clinical observations can document how the visual-perceptual difficulties affect a child's daily activities (Chan & Chow, 2005).
Norm-referenced tests and the interpretation of NRT scores are premised on the twin concepts of sortition and comparison, through procedures that establish the relative position of each member of the population.
It is not reasonable to set P at a fixed range, as is usually done for a norm-referenced test item in which P is usually set at 0.
For example, some candidates would interpret a percentile rank score of 67 on a norm-referenced test as indicating that the text was too difficult and so the student needed remedial assistance.
At the time, no norm-referenced test of mathematics was available that had Australian norms for children in the first 3 years of school.
The SLP's skill with a variety of assessment techniques is further necessitated by the increased awareness of the serious limitations of the norm-referenced tests that for so many years were the "stock in trade" for determining the existence of communication disorders and the need for speech-language services (ASHA, 2000).
We used as the criterion for this study the TERA-D/HH, a norm-referenced test described as appropriate for progress monitoring and identification purposes (Reid et al.
Student performance on our new standards-based instruments must correlate with an acceptable standardized, norm-referenced test.
In a study by Vollands, Topping, and Evans (1999) norm-referenced test scores of an experimental group exposed to Accelerated Reader were compared to those of a control group not using the program.
Research has consistently recognized a strong relationship between economic disadvantage and low norm-referenced test scores.
Just ask the experts in the testing industry: No matter how finely they tune a state's criterion- or norm-referenced test, it should never be used as the sole measure of a child's achievement.