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NORNorman (Amtrak station code; Norman, OK)
NORNotice of Race (sailing)
NORNorth of the River (Bakersfield, CA)
NORNorwegian (language)
NORNot Or (electronic logic gate)
NORNormal Position
NORNormal Operating Range
NORNotice Of Revision
NORNo Original Research (Wikipedia)
NORNot Ordinarily Resident (various nations)
NORnot or
NORNotice of Readiness
NORNew Ohio Review (Ohio University; Athens, OH)
NORNumber on Roll
NORNitric Oxide Reductase
NORNucleolus Organizer Region
NORNucleolar Organizing Region
NORNet Operating Result
NORNorth of Range (Installation and locations north of the Alaskan Range Army)
NORNormal Order Reduction (lambda calculus reduction strategy)
NORNavy Outdoor Recreation (US Navy)
NORNo Operation Replacement (computer programming)
NORNot Otherwise Rated
NORNissan OffRoad
NORNatural Object Recognition
NORNon-Operating Reefer (shipping industry)
NORNATO Operational Requirement
NORNot Operational Ready
NORNaval Oceanographic Requirements
References in classic literature ?
Things hanging in the saloon were sensibly returning to their normal position.
His lower jaw hung down as if lacking strength to assume its normal position.
There are some diagnostic clues that differentiate pseudoptosis from true ptosis in TAO: (1) with pseudoptosis, the eyelid can elevate to a normal position if the contralateral eye is covered and retracted, while true ptosis of the eye does not show this sign; (2) muscle strength of the levator is not attenuated in pseudoptosis, whereas it is weakened in true ptosis; and (3) MRI can indicate thickening and an enhanced signal of the levator in the contralateral eye in patients with pseudoptosis.
If the ligament breaks, the gland becomes mobile, prolapsing from its normal position and becoming visible above the edge of the third eyelid.
However, if the patient had wanted to undergo thorough treatment, we would have released the adhesion between the lateral meniscus and tissue inside the intercondylar space and reduced the subluxated meniscus to the normal position after making sure that the size of the lateral meniscus is large enough.
He said that tonight was critical as the water level at Head Mohammad Wala and Sher Shah is still same from toady morning and stated that it would started to recede from tomorrow as water level at Trimmu and other headworks is on normal position.
After the surgical intervention, the spine was placed in its normal position and we are happy to say the girl is now happy and leading a normal life like others," he said.
That is the normal position to have, that countries are best running their own affairs.
Wayne came to see me and said he was disappointed at not being played in his normal position," said Ferguson.
The IMD's weekly update on Friday said the monsoon trough will remain north of its normal position on many days of the forthcoming week.
The surgeon was able to manipulate the thyroid cartilage externally to release the epiglottis into its normal position (figure 2).
Minister welcomed, according to the statement, "removing Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII and its return to the normal position among the nations of the world as well as meet its international obligations regarding disarmament and elimination of weapons of mass destruction.