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MISH-MASH: Chyler Leigh stars in the teen movie Not Another Teen Movie (15) and (right) Dogtown and Z-Boys (15) looks at the beginnings of skateboarding
Cinema Club members can see Not Another Teen Movie (15) for pounds 2 at 6.
He also starred in Die Hard, Arthur and Not Another Teen Movie.
There are loads of terrific DVDs and videos to choose from, such as Unfaithful, starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane, or the hilarious teen-comedy Not Another Teen Movie.
9 (7) Not Another Teen Movie (15) Teen pics lampooned in this thin-on-laughs comedy.
NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE (15)Rating: 2/10 Thin talent, fat chanceJANEY Briggs (Chyler Leigh) is an aspiring artist who is ostracised by her classmates because she dares to wear glasses and sports a ponytail.
He had bit parts on various TV dramas before landing the appropriately titled parody Not Another Teen Movie in 2001.
Murder by Numbers (Taiwan) Not Another Teen Movie (France) Panic Room (Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey) Snow Dogs (Singapore, U.
3 (-) Not Another Teen Movie (15) All the usual "yoof" film gags recycled in dumb but fun comedy.
But despite my misgivings, Not Another Teen Movie won me over.
Oddly, with all the sexual suggestion Not Another Teen Movie was somehow awarded a 15 certificate.
Equally gross is Not Another Teen Movie, a spoof on High School romances which sets up its stall by setting it in the John Hughes campus (Hughes being a director who specialised in such tosh).