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NFENATO (North Atlantic Treaty Alliance) Funded Equipment
NFENon Formal Education
NFENot for Everyone
NFENon-Financial Entity (taxes)
NFEnot Fully Established
NFENoise Floor Extension (Agilent Technologies)
NFENitrogen-Free Extract (animal feed)
NFENumber Format Exception (programming)
NFENet Free Equity
NFENational Franchise Exhibition (Birmingham, UK)
NFENot Fully Evolved (gaming; Pokemon)
NFENetwork Flow Engine (Netronome Systems, Inc.)
NFENon-Federal Entity
NFENippon Field Engineering Co., Ltd. (Japan)
NFENon-Faculty Exempt
NFENetwork Front-End
NFENot Fully Equipped
NFENo Foreign Exchange
NFENaval Facilities Engineering Command
NFENuclear Factor Erythroid
NFENet Funds Employed
NFENCC Front End
NFENo Final Examination (grading system)
NFENear-Far Effect
NFENo Failures Evident
NFENetwork for Future Executives (Duke University)
NFENon Food Effect
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But other foot features--including long, curved little toes--indicate that a skeletal system for upright walking had not fully evolved in Lucy's kind, Jungers asserts.
There is a convenience aspect to those that the Web has not fully evolved into.
It's something we've been wrestling with and is not fully evolved," she added.
In 2006, Glyde began building its eCommerce platform realizing that while eCommerce is one of the largest, most lucrative spaces online, it is not fully evolved.
Hassel said a high school has been discussed for the north end of the district in Castaic, but so far that plan has not fully evolved.