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The Iranian nation s nuclear rights are not negotiable and our nuclear cooperation will be done within the U.
The Iranian nation's nuclear rights are not negotiable and our nuclear cooperation will be done within the U.
Speaking to reporters on Friday following comments by Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat that the status of persons living in the occupied areas is not negotiable, Christofias said: "Mr Talat admits that all the settlers remain and are registered as citizens based on the Annan plan, and it is one of the aspects of the plan which made us go against it.
CONCLUSION: Triage is not negotiable in emergency medicine and the unit investigated benefited from its inception.
These values are not negotiable," the Pontiff said.
Since change seems to be the only constant, at Opengate Technologies, we strongly believe that network security is not negotiable.
Some things are not negotiable, and the Bill of Rights is one of those things.
However, the union has dismissed the carrier's claims and has said that its members' pensions are not negotiable, reported Reuters.
In Jon Barrett's interview and others, Clark has stressed time and again that gay rights are not negotiable, that civil liberties are not negotiable, that private choices are not negotiable, and that all of the above must be protected if this country is going to honor the promises made in the Constitution.
The stated prize is not negotiable, and there is no cash alternative
Negotiating and Drafting explains the key legal and business issues, what is and what is not negotiable, and how to take into account recent decisions.
As Commissioner Foudy said when presenting the minority report, "equality is not negotiable.